The TVLine-Up: 5 Web Series Worth Watching

Popular Web Series ListMike O’Brien leans in to Connie Britton, Jack Black pleads ignorance regarding YouTube sensation Rebecca Black, Google+ causes a spat between newly married gay couple Cheeks and Brady, and a red-haired elf prepares to kick some mage (I’m a nerd, but I had to look this up) ass. And it’s all happening exclusively on the Interwebs!

How do I know this?

Because our TVLine-Up franchise is expanding into the world of original web content, and this week’s inaugural edition singles out five of the web series you’re likeliest to be buzzing about right now (or wish you were). Check ’em out and then hit the comments with your own recommendations.

7 Minutes in Heaven | Belinda Carlisle claims “heaven is a place on earth,” but Mike O’Brien narrows that vague location down to his walk-in closet. The latest episode features American Horror Story heroine Connie Britton among the shoes and sweaters translating a statement about the Blue Man Group in Chinese. She’s an even better sport when O’Brien attempts to relate her role on Friday Night Lights with Bronson Pinchot’s role on the 1980s sitcom Perfect Strangers.

Red Band Trailer | The second season of this web series features lively conversation with writer/producer Diablo Cody (aka Brook Busey) in an Airstream trailer. Jack Black, the guest de jour, discusses his theory on what brought about his evolution from “actor in vulgar comedies” to “actor of family fare.” Black charmingly stumbles during the “lightning” part of the 10 questions segment, but does reveal that he’d like “a slightly heavier Emile Hirsch” to play him in a biopic.

Husbands | A typical scenario: A drunken night in Vegas leads to a marriage between actor Cheeks (Brad Bell) and ballplayer Brady Kelly (Sean Hemeon). The atypical aftermath: Out of respect for the new same-sex marriage law, the couple opts to forego an annulment and strives to make the marriage work. In this week’s episode of the series — which hails from acclaimed TV scribe Jane Espenson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica) — Cheeks and Brady fight about what couples have been fighting about for eons (OK, really just since the dawn of Facebook): relationship status on social networking sites.

Dragon Age Redemption | An extension of the Dragon Age II video game, this series follows the Elven exploits of Tallis (Felicia Day), a sassy assassin who must capture a dangerous mage who is hellbent on destroying the world. In the third episode of this six-part series, Tallis adds another companion (Josmael, actor Masam Holden) to her posse in her search to find the evil Saarebas (Doug Jones).

Aim High | Produced by McG and starring Jackson Rathbone (Twilight), Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights) and Greg Germann (Ally McBeal), this action-packed series about a teenage spy begs to be watched with a bag of extra-buttery popcorn. In Episode 3, Nick (Rathbone) goes up against a Russian mercenary (guest star Clancy Brown) while simultaneously standing up Amanda (Teegarden), the girl of his dreams. Billed as the first “social series,” viewers’ friends will be integrated into the show (via graffiti on walls or school banners) if they opt into Aim High’s Facebook application and watch through the show’s Facebook page.

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