Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Good Wife, Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, Gossip Girl and More!

Will Jennifer Carpenter bring Dex appeal to The Good Wife? Are Sam and Dean due to get involved in another fine Ness? And who is joining the crusade to out-snark Gossip Girl? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

The Good Wife | If you were among those hoping for Jennifer Carpenter to play a love/lust interest for Kalinda… I am here to dash your (dirty) dreams. Instead, I have learned this about the Dexter vet’s role: In a 180-degree turn from Deb Morgan, J-Carp will guest-star as a soft-spoken university professor who is fired due to her conservative religious and political beliefs. Alicia and Caitlin (Anna Camp) represent the prof in a suit against Louis Canning (Emmy nominee Michael J. Fox) and his firm. Robert and Michelle King, the creators of the acclaimed CBS drama, say of the casting, “We loved Jennifer in Dexter and we were especially thrilled to see her play such a different role: a committed believer who doesn’t swear once.”

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Supernatural | Should Sam and Dean get fitted for zoot suits? It appears that the CW series is booking a trip to the 1940s or thereabouts, seeing as a casting call has gone out for the role of – wait for it – Eliot Ness. Yes, as in the famous G-man who headed up The Untouchables. Specifically, the show wants an actor in his 40s who presents “an unyielding regality” and in a sharp suit is “the epitome of cool unflappability.” Oh, why am I still talking – y’all are busy imaging the Winchesters in zoot suits. Wakey-wakey!

Gossip Girl | A pair of shockers are coming up on The CW’s veteran Monday drama. For one, Diana (played by the ageless Elizabeth Hurley) is about to take on a surprising new hire at her website poised to rival Gossip Girl. Secondly, something tells me Blair is going to regret holding that bridesmaid competition, based on how the contest shakes out.

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Burn Notice | This morning I cued up the Burn Notice midseason premiere, which airs Nov. 3 on USA Network and picks up with Michael very begrudgingly yet completely under the thumb of big new baddie Anson Fullerton (played with zeal by Jere Burns). While Michael awaits word from Agent Pearce (Lauren Stamile) on whether he can keep his CIA clearance, Fullerton compels him to hunt down the creator of a “virus” that can wipe out, wholesale, sensitive information from a large computer network – say, the CIA’s! The hour also feature a caper involving Jesse and Maddie, and a steely turn by The Event‘s Ian Anthony Dale. I’m kinda done with Michael’s narration/”espionage tips” – seriously, who among us doesn’t know to blow something up at the front door of a compound to sneak in the back? – but I do believe the show is back on track.

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Once Upon a Time | In Episode 2 of ABC’s fun new drama (airing Sundays at 8/7c), viewers will meet the Evil Queen’s Magic Mirror, played by Breaking Bad‘s Giancarlo Esposito. And make no mistake, this colorful character is no mere piece of glass in a gilded frame. “The Magic Mirror,” offers Lana Parilla, “is [the Evil Queen’s] inner voice. It’s almost like truth… like her subconscious… like the part of the brain that doesn’t lie.” As such, the Queen uses her reflective confidante to not only ” see what’s going on in the Enchanted Forest, to see what Snow White’s doing and where she is,” says Parilla, “but also to seek answers and some truth.” Wait, isn’t this guy the one who in essence put Snow in the coffin in the first place?

A Gifted Man | Now that we have met Eriq La Salle’s Dr. “E-Mo” Morris, a rather chill character, you may be surprised to know that he, like Michael, may be harboring a surprising truth of his own. “He definitely has a secret, and that makes him a really interesting character to me,” La Salle says. “He lives life to the fullest and is motivated by who he is and some of the secrets that he’s holding.” But for the immediate future, expect to only see the brilliant neuropsychiatrist’s softer, studlier side. “He has a very active social life,” La Salle almost brags. “I definitely see him as a bit of a ladies’ man.”

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