Exclusive Fringe First Look Video: Has Peter Returned to Save the Day?

Due to World Series Game 7 coverage, Fox’s Fringe will now resume Season 4 next Friday, Nov. 4 at 9/8c, and the action picks up with the recently resurfaced Peter Bishop being held prisoner… by his own employer!

After emerging from Reiden Lake in possession of way more top-secret knowledge than any casual swimmer should have, “Peter has become a prisoner of the Fringe Division,” Joshua Jackson shares in a video featurette which we’ve gotten a first look at and shared below. “They don’t know who he is, so he’s currently being detained.”

Though this man of mystery claims to be Peter Bishop, “Walter can’t accept it,” says John Noble. Luckily for Fringe’s detainee, he boasts the know-how to help Olivia, Broyle et al with their current out-there nightmare: a growing invasion of shapeshifters.

Press PLAY for the full story:

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