Exclusive: Is True Blood Casting Alcide's Father? (Plus Other Season 5 Intel)

The fifth season of True Blood promises to be a hairy one — the show is hunting for actors to play werewolves galore, including one who sounds suspiciously like he could be Alcide’s father!

The lycanthrope in question, J.D., is said to be a hard-bodied fiftysomething who isn’t likely to share a water bowl with the new pack leader anytime soon. And since 1) that sounds a lot like Alcide to begin with, and 2) his pop features prominently in Charlaine Harris’ fifth Sookie novel, well, you can do the math!

My picks to play the part? Maybe Andy Garcia? Mitch Pileggi, who just took another recurring role in the Dallas reboot… or what about Mr. Intensity himself, Vincent D’Onofrio?

We’ll also be meeting: former pack leader Marcus’ mother, Annie; a hot young she-wolf named Rikki who’s determined to sniff out the deceased’s fate; a couple of beta dogs charged with interrogating someone (my guess? Sam); Holly’s teenage sons, Rocky and Wade; a corrupt judge (aren’t they all?); a humorless vamp named Cat (to… balance out the canine/feline ratio?); and a couple of sexy spoilers for Jason and Jessica’s romance.

Add all that to what we already knew — that Salome (yes, the Salome) will feature prominently in the season, and so will Eric’s vamp sis, Nora — and it’s obvious that we’re in for another jam-packed season. Your thoughts? Any ideas about who you’d like to see cast as Alcide’s father? Hit the comments below!