Once Upon a Time Exclusive First Look: What Did the Curse Cost the Evil Queen?

If you think powerful curses come cheap, you’re living in a fantasy world.

Or, actually, you are not — because as Once Upon a Time‘s Evil Queen learns in this exclusive “flashback” clip from the ABC series’ second episode (airing Sunday at 8/7c), she will have to pay a killer price in order to banish the Enchanted Forest’s merry denizens to an amnesiac, real-world existence.

Once Upon a Time: Burning Questions Answered!

Come for Lana Parilla’s magically beatific visage, but stay for Robert Carlyle’s slithery, glittery, “preciousssss” goodness.

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Press PLAY, then share you theory on what you think “the curse to end all curses” will cost the Queen. (FYI, in case you missed the Once premiere, ABC will air it Sunday at 7 pm, leading into Episode 2.)

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