Bones Boss: The 'Bonus' Episodes Are a 'Real Pickle' for Us! Plus Scoop on Baby B's Nanny

Bones executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan are as in the dark as most anyone about the four “bonus” episodes that will somehow be added onto (or into) Season 7, which was abbreviated by series lead Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy and will premiere next Thursday, Nov. 3.

“They do want to do ultimately 17 episodes, and how it airs is up to Fox,” Nathan told TVLine during a Wednesday conference call with reporters. “They could air before what we consider to be our last episode even. We have no idea.”

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Yes, you read right: Though at one point speculated to possibly air as a “mini season” during summer 2012, Nathan and Hanson say the four episodes instead could be sprinkled throughout the originally commissioned 13, meaning they would likely have to be standalone hours. And that could prove problematic.

“It’s a real pickle for us because we don’t quite know where to place these four stories in our universe,” Hanson told me.  For example, “If they air all in a row, it’d be odd because they would not contain any meaningful character arcs.”

Hanson says he is “hoping” that after Season 7 gets underway, Fox higher-ups will afford more clarity on how and where the four bonus episodes will land.

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Hanson and Nathan also shared during the conference call some teasey quotes on the following topics:

MORE CROSSOVERS WITH THE FINDER | In addition to the previously announced episode in which John Francis Daley’s Sweets travels to Florida to perform an FBI psych eval on the spin-off’s titular character, Walter (played by Geoff Stults), Hanson says they are also closing in on an episode in which Hodgins (played by T.J. Thyne) heads south to rigorously bat around conspiracy theories with Walter. “We’re also looking to see if there’s a place for Stephen Fry to appear in a Finder episode, as Gordon Gordon Wyatt,” Hanson shared. (The Finder‘s freshman run will air during Bones‘ maternity leave hiatus, which begins after Episode 6.)

BEST. EPISODE. EVER? | Echoing that which TVLine previously reported, the Season 7 hour involving Booth, his grandfather (played by Ralph Waite) and by extension Booth’s father, “is maybe one of the best episodes of Bones ever,” said Hanson. “It’s certainly an amazing performance by David Boreanaz that I’m dying for everyone to see.”

WHO’S THE NANNY? | Hmm, good question — who will mind the Booth/Brennan baby after the little one enters the world? “We think we have a pretty good idea for who should take care of the baby” while the parents are off solving grisly murders, Hanson teased. ” Added Nathan, “That’s after the first six [pre-hiatus episodes], but it’ll be a lot of fun.” (We’re stumped over here. You don’t think Caroline will retire from the U.S. Attorney’s office, do you?)

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