Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Dexter, Bones, Gossip Girl, Revenge, Community and More!

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Question: Is there any truth to the rumor that the title of Glee‘s Episode 7, “I Kissed A Girl,” has something to do with Rachel and Quinn? We’re dying to know. —Bobbie
Ausiello: If you’re asking me whether Rachel and Quinn go to first base, the answer is no. The episode focuses on Santana coming out to her family, so I’m guessing the title — and accompanying Katy Perry cover — refer to that.

Question: Lea Michele tweeted the other day that there will be a huge Glee shocker happening in Episode 7. Any idea what it is? —Michelle
Ausiello: Rumor has it a big monkey wrench gets thrown into New Directions’ sectional plans.

Question: I am addicted to TVLine! What’s the deal with Weeds? Is it coming back? —Kassie
Ausiello: I hear Showtime is thisclose to announcing a Season 8 pickup. And despite buzz that eight would be enough for all parties concerned, the cabler is apparently keeping the door open to a possible ninth season as well.

Question: Your Gossip Girl spoiler from last week’s AA is driving me nuts. You teased that there’s a kiss coming that is “so hot it will be followed by a [spoiler alert].” Tell us who’s smooching and what’s hidden beneath the [spoiler alert]! —Cathy
Ausiello: The person on the receiving end of the kiss is Blair, and it’s followed by a **a*. [Stay close to my Twitter feed for scoop on those three missing letters.]

Question: I’m really enjoying Gossip Girl this season. I was wondering if you had any spoilers to share with us? Anything about Blair and Chuck would be good! —Tanya
Ausiello: Blair’s wedding shower is coming up, and two people will be conspicuously MIA from the invite list. Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question: I don’t think I can continue watching Revenge without some hope that maybe Daniel doesn’t die. I am very attached. Any chance the writers behind the show are smart, have picked up on his popularity, and are working on a way to write themselves out of the mistake they made in the first episode? —Beth
Ausiello: Am I missing something? Do we know without a shadow of a doubt that Daniel succumbed to that gunshot wound? The pilot left things rather ambiguous. (Translation: Keep watching, Beth.)

Question: Anything on my new sitcom obsession, Happy Endings? —Craig
Ausiello: You betcha! Watch for Jane and Max — always such portraits of restraint — to go so far as to report a fire so that they can get some hot firemen to pop over and… You didn’t think I was gonna say “put out the fire,” did you? Oh no, our lovable crazies want the hunks to validate them. Meanwhile, a big-screen romcom within an episode will feature “name”-ish actors in the roles of the clichéd leading man, leading lady and second banana. If it were up to me — which it never seems to be — I’d go with: Timothy Olyphant, Leighton Meester and Dan Byrd.

Question: I read somewhere that we would meet Booth’s father via flashback on Bones this season. Any idea who’s playing him? —Dawn
Ausiello: An actor by the name of No One. The flashback sequence was scrapped. “It wasn’t needed,” explains exec producer Stephen Nathan of the sequence, which was slated for this season’s Booth-centric fourth episode (which features the return of Ralph Waite as his Grandpa). “David’s performance was powerful enough [on its own]. It’s a very dramatic episode for him, and he more than rises to the occasion.”

Question: OK, so I’m going to be greedy: Can we get something on Pan Am and Private Practice pretty please? —Ashley
Ausiello: How do you feel about one outta two? Pan Am is about to introduce a woman from Ted’s past — and I mean his distant past. He and the newbie, Amanda Mason, were childhood playmates. Now, since she’s a senator’s daughter, he sees her as hoity-toity. The thing is, she’s not. So maybe a little somethin’-somethin‘ will develop between them over what is being talked about as a two- to three-episode arc.

Question: As a young teacher myself, I thought Chord Overstreet was hilarious on The Middle. Is there any chance that he may pop up again in future episodes? –Christina
Ausiello: Probably not in the near-term considering he’s headed back to Glee for a chunk of episodes. But I’ll tell you who is returning to ABC’s underrated gem: Frankie’s parents Pat and Tag, played by Marsha Mason and Jerry Van Dyke. Mom and Pop invite the entire family to spend Thanksgiving week at their house, and included on the guest list is Frankie’s sis/nemesis Janet (played by Molly Shannon). To say the siblings’ constant sparring and competitiveness casts a pall over the festivities is an understatement. And Janet’s demon spawn, Lucy, only adds to the chaos when she starts getting all up in Brick’s business. Axl, meanwhile, seeks refuge at the local mini-mart, where he develops a mad crush on an Aubrey Plaza-esque cashier.

Question: What can you tell us about CSI‘s replacement for Marg Helgenberger? Will they replace her? —Holly
Ausiello: They will replace her. And it will be with a name actress. In other CSI news, we’re finally going to meet Doc’s wife Judy, but it will be under the most scandalous of circumstances. Mrs. Robbins wakes up one morning to discover a dead man in her bed — a naked dead man who just so happens to be covered in her lipstick! She swears it’s not what it looks like, to which I promptly roll my eyes and go, “Mmmhmmm.”

Question: How about some scoop on the awesome, yet barely mentioned Psych! I’ll take anything! I love Shawn and Gus and think they deserve some AA love! —Michelle
Ausiello: No one loves Shawn and Gus as much as me, so lay off the guilt trip. While not quite as epic as last week’s Hangover-infused outing, “This Episode Sucks” — airing Wednesday — most certainly does not. Big-screen Buffy alum Kristy Swanson is surprisingly charming and brings out a very fun and debonair side of Lassiter, Lost Boy Cory Feldman’s cameo is bloody good, and the way Shawn gets immersed in his Lestat costume is pretty hilarious — as is Gus’ reaction each time someone mistakes his own bloodsucker persona for a breakfast cereal mascot.

Question: Please, please, please give me anything you have on one of my three favorite shows, Fringe, Community or The Good Wife! Thanks in advance! —Emma
Ausiello: Eenie, meenie, miney The Good Wife! That whole Caitlin Vs. Martha debacle will come back to haunt Alicia later in the season. Even though Caitlin (Anna Camp) snagged that plum position at Lockhart Gardner, I hear Martha (Grace Rex) will find employment elsewhere — and Alicia will not be pleased.

Question: Regarding your latest Blind Item, is the character getting killed off a departing show One Tree Hill‘s Dan Scott? —Ingmar
Ausiello: It most certainly is… not. Or is it? I’ll never tell! Thanks for playing!

Question: I’ve recently fallen in love with Parks and Recreation! Any scoop on Ben and Leslie? —Joye
Ausiello: I’m afraid there will soon be a new man in Leslie’s life… but don’t freak! It’s only Billy Newport, the dumbbell Sweetums heir who’s running against our gal for City Council. Then again, he is described as a good-looking fellow, and a real crowd-pleaser, so… On second thought, maybe you can freak!

Question: Any scoop on Once Upon a Time? I’m so excited for Episode 2 this Sunday! —Aurore
Ausiello: Episode 3 flashes back to Snow and Prince Charming’s first meeting, and suffice it to say, it wasn’t pretty. “Their relationship is so complicated,” says Snow’s portrayer, Ginnifer Goodwin. “It was based in the beginning on real animosity and manipulation and selfishness.” (Spoiler Alert: They met on The Bachelor!) Meanwhile, Josh Dallas (a.k.a. The Prince) has this to say about the forthcoming arrival of Alan Dale as his onscreen father, King George. “The kingdom is ailing and [my dad] needs some help,” he explains. “He goes to King Midas, and they make a deal. King Midas says, ‘If your son slays this dragon, I will take care of your kingdom. I will give you gold. I will give you riches. You will be taken care of.’ So he makes a deal with Midas for me to slay this dragon.”

Question: First of all, you’re very handsome. As such I think it is your duty to have mercy on all us “non-handsomes” and give us a Dexter scoop! What’s up next for my favorite serial killer? —Erin
Ausiello: I just found out that someone gets shot and (presumably) dies in this Sunday’s episode and I am not happy about it. Not at all.

Question: I wonder if you can settle a Dexter bet. I say that Edward James Olmos’ Professor James Gellar character isn’t really there, that he is a figment of Colin Hanks’ imagination like Dexter’s father is to him. My girlfriend disagrees. What do you think? —Frank
Ausiello: I think your girlfriend is hustling you. Now settle a bet for me: My partner says Colin Hanks’ character will turn out to be the Tooth Fairy’s son. I disagree. What do you think?

Question: Did you know that we have the same birthday? I would appreciate either a belated or early birthday gift in the form of some Smash scoop please. —Emily
Ausiello: Producers have been so enamored of recurring guest star Will Chase — who plays Joe DiMaggio in the Marilyn Monroe musical-within-the-show — that they’ve extended his arc by five episodes and added a Season 2 series regular option to his contract.

Question: I’m a Sheldon/Penny fanatic! Any scoop for my favorite Big Bang Theory pairing? —Sophie
Ausiello: Would you settle for an Amy scoopbit instead? Remember how Mayim Bialik told us that she had to learn the harp for an upcoming episode? Well, Amy Farrah Fowler will reveal that musical talent when she busts out a poignant rendition of REM’s “Everybody Hurts” on Nov. 3, when Bernadette doesn’t invite her along for wedding dress shopping.

Question: Have you seen the Halloween-themed American Horror Story two-parter? How is it? —Jodi
Ausiello: I didn’t get around to it, but my Matt Mitovich did and he filed this report exclusively to AA: “If you’ve been wanting to love AHS but have issues with its penchant for full-on mayhem, the next two episodes — centered around Halloween aka ‘the day the dead can walk among us’ — will convert you and hard. The most linear episodes to date, they eschew over-the-top gross-outs for steady and sheer frights. Among the guest stars, Zachary Quinto (Heroes) pulls out all the stops as half of the doomed gay couple that previously called the house home; as for exposition, you’ll see how Tate fits into the whole equation and realize the tragic price the very first owners paid for their sins. And yes, this week’s episode closes with a big death, one sure to have reverberations.”

Question: Any Community scoop? I can’t wait for the next episode. I need something! —Mahika
Ausiello: There’s a “crazy” twist at the end of this week’s Halloween episode, which finds the cast acting out a series of outlandish ghost stories. Also, Britta is shocked to discover that she’s much more than just an underachieving pothead. She’s also an unofficial action verb.

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