Grey's Anatomy's Jessica Capshaw Answers Fans' Questions About Calzona, Crying and More

Prior to Jessica Capshaw visiting the TVLine office in New York City, I took to Twitter to invite fans of the Grey’s Anatomy actress to shoot me some questions. I whittled the onslaught of queries down to 11, and ran them by the sunny blonde as she kicked back on my cozy new red sofa here.

Jessica Capshaw Defends Her Grey’s Anatomy Love Life

In the video below, you’ll see Capshaw field questions about what Arizona’s “Mc” nickname should be, whether Dr. Robbins ever played doctor with Private Practice‘s Amelia Shepherd, and if “Calzona” ever inked domestic partnership papers.

She also weighs on on how Arizona has changed since marrying Callie (“I always imagined she was very selfish [and] to be married and have a baby right away, that’s a lot of responsibility”), reveals how she cries on camera, and shares what she and scene partner Sara Ramirez do between takes (for Capshaw, peanut M&Ms often are involved).

Other topics include Capshaw’s affinity (…or not) for horror films, how she’d feel about her kids going into acting, her French skills, and what it means to have Arizona be an icon to the gay community. “It’s not lost on me at all,” she says on that last subject. “We are making a TV show, but when there’s a character people can invest in… that’s beautiful, and as good as it gets.”

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Press PLAY below to see Capshaw answer fans’ questions, in her own words.