Scoop: Fringe Baddie Returns? [SPOILER ALERT]

Coming up on Fringe: A blast from the past! Or so it would seem…

A photo taken on the show’s Vancouver-based set appears to show Jared Harris reprising his role as nefarious criminal David Robert Jones. (A Fox rep declined to comment.)

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Last we saw Jones in Season 1’s “There’s More Than One of Everything,” he was getting split in half — literally — by the closing portal. One part of his body fell to the ground, while the other went…somewhere. Could he have found a way to regenerate his missing half?

When TVLine visited the show’s set earlier this month, Lance Reddick teased that a “great character from seasons ago” will return. Co-star Jasika Nicole also confirmed that “something in the past has come back,” creating a third force that will threaten both universes.

Sounds like the shifty Jones to us!

After his stint on Fringe ended, Harris joined AMC’s Mad Men as Lane Pryce, who went on to become a partner in the founding of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Fringe returns with a brand new episode this Friday at 9/8c.

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