Pan Am's Kelli Garner: Goran Visnjic Makes For Some Very Friendly (If Not Downright Sexy) Skies

Goran Visnjic, who kept patients’ blood pumping as ER‘s Dr. Luka Kovac, is about to get many hearts racing as a handsome traveler the sky girls of ABC’s Pan Am meet this Sunday at 10/9c. But will the Clipper Majestic’s undercover crew member go under covers in the name of staying on top of the enigmatic Slav? Kelli Garner shared with TVLine a look at her itinerary for Visnjic’s three-week visit.

TVLINE | So, Goran Visnjic is flying Pan Am for the next few weeks?
He is, yes! We’re on our way to Monte Carlo when we have a layover in London, and I’m told I need to get especially close with this man. So I do!

TVLINE | But Kate’s isn’t the only head this Niko guy turns. She has to sort of battle Maggie for him?
Oh, all the girls swoon over him for a moment, and yes, Maggie (played by Christina Ricci) likes him, but it’s complicated because Kate needs to steal him not for personal reasons.

TVLINE | By the time Kate gets wind that Niko is her next assignment, how deep is she in?
Not deep at all. She has just met him on the flight and they’re on their layover, so she ends up garnering his attention by kicking his ass in a game of billiards.
Watch a preview here, then read on for more:

TVLINE | Is this Kate’s first big test in separating her feelings from her mission?
Yes, very much so. I believe that Kate’s prior missions have been little tests and not very important. They were just seeing how she acts under pressure.

TVLINE | Will we get a splash of sexiness in this arc?
[Laughs] Absolutely. You’ll get some sexiness in this Sunday’s episode, in fact. It comes fast. It’s hard to not get sexiness when Goran is on the screen.

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TVLINE | Will Kate grow to be craftier as a covert operative? She’s been bit bumbling….
Absolutely. There is a patience that is needed by the audience, because she’s not overnight a great CIA agent. She’s just been plucked off the line of beautiful stewardesses, so there’s a lot that she has to learn. In the CIA, they say they break them down so they can build them up the way they want them, so she’s being tested and thrown all over the place for a reason.

TVLINE | And this is something she must really want to do. Bridget gave her several reasons to get out.
Kate is a very competitive creature by nature – competitive with herself. When she sees a challenge or has an opportunity presented to her, she wants to be the best at it. Something like this, especially in the ’60s, separates her from other women, it separates her from her sister…. It’s a way for her to stand out in her own subtle, quiet way.

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TVLINE | Will we learn more of Kate’s backstory?
You got a bit of it in the Paris episode, with her mother and how she’s constantly having to take care of her sister, so for now I think you will see more of Kate’s present-day life. They’re going to keep has past a little elusive, to keep people guessing what makes her tick.

TVLINE | What historic 1960s events await Kate, Laura et al?
There are so many historical moments in the ’60s, and so many historic things that Pan Am did. I know that in a couple of episodes Martin Luther King delivers his speech, but I don’t know if it will be as much a focus as the JFK storyline [was in Episode 3]. I know the Beatles flew Pan Am….

TVLINE | Yeah, imagine that episode? That’s totally sweeps fodder.
Yeah, it was their first flight to America, so that could be a pretty cool episode.

TVLINE | I can see it now — Justin Bieber as Paul McCartney.
Oh boy…. Let’s not get carried away here!

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TVLINE | What would people be surprised to learn about the making of Pan Am? That all these exotic destinations are shot on a back lot in Brooklyn?
Yes, we call that “Jakarta, Brooklyn.” [Laughs] We’re apparently making a big splash in Sweden — we had one of their biggest TV premieres to date — so I’m hoping that these countries are begging us at some point to fly there. It’d be so lovely to actually use them as locations!

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