Supernatural Preview: Charisma Carpenter's Witch Meets Her Match In James Marsters

What do you get when you take the actors who brought to life cult favorites Cordelia Chase and Spike (on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff Angel) and put them in a good, old-fashioned case of the week on Supernatural? “Campy fun,” says Charisma Carpenter, who reunites with former Buffy costar James Marsters in this Friday’s installment of the CW series (airing at 9/8c).

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Although it hasn’t been that long since the two have seen each other in passing – “Six or eight months,” Carpenter guesses – there was still some catching up to do on Supernatural‘s Vancouver-based set. “It’s great to see my old friend!” says the actress. “It was just catch-up [like], ‘Have you heard my song? And this is my kid.’”

Onscreen, however, Carpenter and Marsters’ characters, Maggie and Don, exhibit a less-than-friendly dynamic as a married couple going through a nasty separation. Seeing as how “Maggie is a powerful witch with a temper and a jealous streak,” as Carpenter describes her, to say things get out of hand would be an understatement. Don may have been the one who had an extramarital dalliance, but the whole town – and Sam and Dean – pay the price for his infidelity.

“I think we can all relate to somebody cheating on us at some point in time in our relationships and how that feels, and how irrational you become,” says Carpenter. “You’re so mad and angry, you forget…what brought you together.”

But as bitter and vindictive as scorned Maggie might be, her hubby is not be messed with either. “The two of them are on the same level,” she teases. “They’re both really powerful personalities, and they’ve met each other’s match.”

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Enter Sam and Dean, who in trying to prevent Maggie from blowing Don and the entire community to bits attempt to coax the couple back together, because “the only way to get through what we’re going through is to just get back to the love,” explains the actress. It all culminates in a scene – one of Carpenter’s picks for most fun to shoot – “where we’re casting spells and speaking Romanian and throwing the [Winchesters] around,” she recalls. “That day was very fun.”

Series leads Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles “were really funny,” Carpenter continues. “They did some really great work – Jensen with the bees and pretending to do the psychobabble on me. It was hard to keep a straight face sometimes.”

Maggie, though, gives the boys little to laugh about, and having been on this Earth “a really long time,” she is not to be easily hunted. In fact, when asked whether Maggie or her Buffy/Angel alter ego is a bigger badass, Carpenter didn’t hesitate to reply: “Maggie! Maggie’s meaner. Maggie could take Cordy out.”