Matt's Inside Line on Supernatural, CSI: NY, Chuck, Secret Circle, Unforgettable and More!

Which Winchester seems to be leaning hard on a crutch? Who is CSI Lindsay gunning for? What sort of high notes does Chuck‘s swan song hit? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Supernatural | Is one half of our favorite freak-fighting duo about to go down a very dark path? We got a sneak peek at this Friday’s episode, and the elder Winchester is hitting the bottle big time to bury his guilt over killing Amy. Yep, while watching “Shut Up, Dr. Phil” (which of course hosts a mini-Buffy reunion), we couldn’t help but notice there’s rarely a scene where Dean doesn’t have a bottle of alcohol in hand. Sam takes notice, too, and urges Dean to open up about what’s bugging him, but it doesn’t seem like Dean’s boozy problem is going anywhere anytime soon. Bonus: Remember Season 1’s “Bugs”? Dean’s least favorite flying creatures are about to make a beeline — pun intended — for him again.

CSI: NY | This Friday’s episode guest-stars Justin Bruening (Ringer) as a murder suspect and brings back Kathleen Munroe as Flack’s sister Samantha. But the hour also boasts this other treat: Anna Belknap’s Lindsay getting all badass! I got a hold of a first look clip from that bit of fun; check it out:

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Unforgettable | From Day 1, this freshman CBS drama has teased us and Carrie with clues about her sister’s murder, and the episode airing this coming Tuesday serves up a startling piece of intel. “It’s quite surprising and cool where she gets this break in the case from,” Poppy Montgomery tells me. In fact, by the following episode, “Carrie has enough information to run with it and really get into some police work on the case.” (As the strawberry stunner previously told us, this mystery will play out over at least the first 12 episodes, and likely will be solved by season’s end.)

The Secret Circle | Peanut butter meets chocolate when The CW’s supernatural newbie celebrates Halloween next Thursday. “You can expect a lot of sexy costumes,” exec producer Andrew Miller promises with a laugh. “Halloween’s a big holiday for our group because it’s the one day of the year they can really be themselves and no one notices. It’s a fun episode to let their witch flag fly free!” Ay, but therein lies the rub. “The problem is they’re not the only ones trying to blend in, and they get into a lot of trouble,” Miller warns. “They set out to have maybe the best Halloween party that any of them have ever experienced, and it goes badly pretty quickly.”

Chuck | I’m now three episodes into the NBC spy comedy’s final season (bowing Oct. 28), and despite a start that I fret might polarize a few fans, my advice is to be patient, because there’s good payoff for the twist involving Morgan acquiring the Intersect (which does not come without its side effects). Another big reason to watch is The Matrix‘s Carrie-Ann Moss as Gertrude Verbanski, a onetime adversary (…and more?) of Casey’s who makes quite the entrance — and not one of the slo-motion, wind-in-hair kind. (That gimmick is  reserved for Awesome, later in Episode 2.) Among other early-season guest stars, Jeff Fahey is rather unrecognizable if you’re looking for Lost‘s Frank Lapidus, while Green Arrow (aka Justin Hartley) is gonna have trouble plucking his bow seeing as he’s missing a finger. My favorite moments from the first three hours: a “tango” of sorts between Casey and Gertrude, and some crowd-pleasing hand-to-combat between [spoiler] and [spoiler].

Screened & Heard | In addition to abundant Chuck screeners, I’ve been getting ahead on Sons of Anarchy, and as Ausiello already shared, above and beyond Juice’s fate a major SAMCRO death is looming – the kind you’re wishing doesn’t happen, and yet it does. Next Tuesday’s episode also features a terrific scene between Jax and Piney, as they squabble over who J.T. was and wasn’t, plus a heartbreaker involving Tara…. While we await a return date for USA Network’s Fairly Legal, I’ve learned this about the Season 2 opener: The legal drama will pick up with the practice about to go under, and Kate and Lauren still clashing over their methods. The straw that breaks the camel’s back may be Kate’s mediation between a star client embroiled in a class action suit initiated by a former employee of his.

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