Hot Video: Fringe's Peter Freaks Walter Out!

Fox’s Fringe isn’t on this Friday, but here’s a little 60-second something to tide fans over: A teasey promo marking the full-on return of a familiar and forgotten, but not gone, face.

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Sure, you get some recap and rehash — including Peter’s Jason Voorhees-like emergence from the bottom of a lake — but then the fresh footage kicks in. A strange man in possession of “a lot of classified information” (as Boyles frets) wants to see Walter. “He says his name is Peter Bishop,” Olivia warns Walter.

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You then get the first father-son reunion, though it’s not so much “happy to see me” as “freaked the frak out!” It’s all a bit heartbreaking — or re-breaking for poor Walter, as the case may be.

Fringe resumes its fourth season on Friday, Oct. 28, at 9/8c.

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