Pretty Little Liars Cast Previews 'Scary,' 'Creepy,' 'Sick and Twisted' Halloween Spooktacular

Pretty Little Liars kicks off ABC Family’s annual 13 Nights of Halloween tonight, returning with an extra-spooky standalone episode at 8/7c. TVLine politely terrorized the cast for any and all details on the holiday special, and actually came away with some fun scoop from the normally tight-lipped bunch.

Here’s what PLL fans can look forward to seeing from each member of the Rosewood gang in “The First Secret.”

Aria | “This episode is mainly about Alison, as told from her perspective,” Lucy Hale teases. However, it’s also Aria-heavy. “It goes back and answers other questions from the past, specifically things about Aria’s dad and his affair.” Hale notes that, “This is all pre-‘A,’ so life is good. The girls are carefree and actually laughing and smiling!”

Ezra | When asked if Mr. Fitz will pop up in the festive installment, Ian Harding mused, “Hmmm, how do I not ruin it… Ezra does play a part, but what exactly that is I’ll leave to the viewers to see.”

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Hanna | “Being in a fat suit is awesome, but not in the middle of summer all day,” Ashley Benson bemoans of her character’s former self. “Oh, it was hot shooting the Halloween episode! But Hefty Hanna is my favorite to play.” Benson goes on to reveal that this special ep will allow viewers to see the sketchy “Ian, Melissa and Jenna before anything bad happened. There are also a lot of clues as to who ‘A’ is and what happened to Alison the night she was murdered. Look for several people to appear in the episode for a few brief moments who have a big impact on her murder. It’s very scary!”

Spencer | “Spencer was such a little dork back then — it’s cute!” says Troian Bellisario. “Flashbacks [on Pretty Little Liars] generally occur the summer Alison died, but in the Halloween episode, you get to see who the girls were when Alison first picked them.”

Emily | “Overall, the episode is neat because you get to see the girls in their earliest stage of friendship with Alison,” says Shay Mitchell. “They were all so different than they are now.”

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Lucas | “Lucas is going to have a pretty heavy storyline that involves Hanna in the second half of Season 2, and it actually starts to develop in our Halloween special,” Brendan Robinson previews. “Alison is still alive and we’re going to see how she tormented Lucas back then, as well as the rest of Rosewood.” Translation: “We’ll get a lot more information about why someone would have wanted to — and actually did! — kill her.” Robinson remains mum about Lucas’ “creepy, sick and twisted” costume, saying only, “It’s the biggest surprise in the episode.”

Caleb | “The Halloween episode is done in flashbacks,” says Tyler Blackburn, “so unfortunately it’s before Caleb’s time here in Rosewood. It sounded fun, so I wish I was there!” (Boo!)