Community Scoop: 3rd Rock's French Stewart Cast as... French Stewart?!

French Stewart has landed a role one might say he was born to play: French Stewart!

TVLine has learned that the 3rd Rock from the Sun alum has landed a guest spot on NBC’s Community as a man named Vincent, who our sources describe as “the best French Stewart celebrity impersonator of all time.” Apparently, Abed (Danny Pudi) finds himself literally indebted to Vincent (who runs a celeb impersonator business) after he becomes addicted to re-enacting movie scenes with celebrity lookalikes over winter break.

Community Exclusive: Saturday Night Live Star Brings Christmas Cheer to Greendale

As TVLine previously revealed, the Greendale gang has to help Abed get back in the green by posing as various lookalikes at a celeb-themed Bar Mitzvah. (Or as Community dubs it, a “Starmitzvah.”)

Stewart’s episode is slated to air in January.

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