Vampire Diaries Video: Back-to-School Time Brings a Bonfire, Blood and a Very Happy Tyler

We’re right back where we started, Vampire Diaries fans.

This Thursday’s episode (airing at 8/7c on The CW) marks the spirit squad’s annual back-to-school bonfire (you know, as in the big event from the pilot!). Things sure have changed for the residents of Mystic Falls since then, however, and the sneak peek below is a perfect showcase of just how much.

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For one, Caroline and Tyler are now making out in the school hallways. Also, Elena seems to be wearing a scarf to hide a nasty neck wound inflicted by her beloved Stefan. Tyler is way too excited (for Caroline’s liking) about being Klaus’ first successful vampire/werewolf hybrid. (Even more shocking is the person who’s looking out for him during his transformation.)

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