Up All Night Childbirth Flashback! Will Reagan Get Ugly In Front of a 'Gorgeous' OB/GYN?

This Wednesday at 8/7c, NBC’s Up All Night is flashing back to the time before the freshman series started, back when Reagan and Chris (played by Christina Applegate and Will Arnett) were merely first-time parents-to-be, and not already tending to the needs of a ‘f—ing beautiful’ newborn.

In this clip from the enlightening episode, you will see that the couple was thrown a bit of a curveball when D-Day (delivery day) arrived, in that their regular OB/GYN was otherwise spoken for, birthing someone else’s triplets.

So who will Reagan have “in her business” when things “get really real”? Why, none other than the “gorgeous” Sam Page (from Mad Men and Gossip Girl).

Press PLAY below (give NBC’s embed a minute to load up…) to see Reagan’s reaction to this twist of fate:

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