Supernatural First Look Video: Charisma Carpenter Is a Real Witch to James Marsters

Buffy/Angel alumni James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter are set to conjure up some intense marital strife when they guest-star on The CW’s Supernatural this Friday — and TVLine has an exclusive clip from the genre-gasmic episode.

In “Shut Up, Dr. Phil,” Carpenter plays Maggie, a real w-i-t-c-h who is extremely toil-and-troubled by an indiscrection of her husband Don’s. To that end, she’s been acting out a bit with her sorcery skills. As Don points out in this scene, the far-out goings-on have not gone unnoticed by a certain pair of “FBI agents.”

Hunters, sweetheart,” Carpenter’s sexy spellcaster corrects her spouse. “That’s what they are.”

Supernatural Photos: Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters Stop By for a Bite

Sam and Dean had better hurry up said hunt, because based on how this art gallery confrontation ends, Maggie’s witchy worst is yet to come!

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