SNL With Anna Faris: Best and Worst Skits?

Saturday Night Live‘s 2011 Halloween episode was the equivalent of that dude who shows up at a costume party in his street clothes and announces he’s dressed as himself. Whether there’s a lack of effort or merely a misguided sense of what’s hilarious, it’s just not funny.

Host Anna Faris, meanwhile, was stuck in poor Charlie Brown mode, holding out her trick-or-treat bag looking for a decent skit, but getting rock after rock after rock. Here are my picks for best (barely) and worst (a deep and contentious field) skits:

Best: Lord Wyndemere
Faris brings home a new beau to meet the family, and he turns out to be a tights-wearing, footman-employing dandy named Lord Wyndemere (Paul Brittain). An utterly stupid concept, made stupidly funny by Brittain’s twee, tee-hee efforts, as well as Jason Sudeikis’ turn as a dad delighted by Wyndemere’s dancing and giggling, and enraged by his bratty son’s (Andy Samberg) very existence.

Worst: “Tell Him”
Four gals in an old-fashoned diner counsel their lovelorn pal about how to lie to a man to get him to commit to a relationship. Proof that just because you’ve set a skit to the tune of the Exciters’ “Tell Him” doesn’t make your clichéd “battle of the sexes” jokes any less stale or threadbare. Is it any wonder NBC doesn’t have this skit available for embedding?

Worst: Manuel Ortiz Show
Okay, so maybe the inexplicable closing skit with Faris and Kristen Wiig as Porsche calendar aficionados was worse, and maybe another missed opportunity to score laughs via the GOP debate was more infuriating, but I feel like Fred Armisen deserves special negative attention this week thanks to his incompetent, show-opening imitation of NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, followed by another interminable Manuel Ortiz installment rescued only briefly by Bill Hader’s maniacal reaction shots. Too bad the fire alarm didn’t go off before the first guest arrived, no?

What did you think of this week’s SNL? What are your picks for best and worst skit? Sound off in the comments!

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