CSI: NY Preview: 'Lindsay Stands By Her Man!'

This Friday’s installment of CSI: NY (CBS, 9/8c) finds Danny in some serious trouble, and who better to come to the rescue than his better half?

TVLine was on set for the CBS hit’s standout episode, and spoke to Carmine Giovinazzo and Anna Belknap about Lindsay’s newfound strength and the shocking turn of events that (eventually) leads Danny back to the lab.

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What exactly happens that makes the detective want to ditch his fancy new duds? Long story short: Danny tries to do something nice for his new team, and a harmless night of drinking results in an unconscious (and beat up) Danny stuck in the middle of an ugly Internal Affairs investigation — with his young officers selling him out.

“Danny winds up in a sticky situation and even though he didn’t do anything wrong, it doesn’t reflect well on the department,” Belknap teases. Adds Giovinazzo, “It’s not the trouble we’re used to seeing him in. This time his rookies betray him, and it’s ultimately the catalyst to getting him back to the lab.”

Belknap says that “things really escalate when someone starts saying things that aren’t true,” hinting at Danny’s new female partner (played by Jeananne Goossen). “Instead of Lindsay feeling totally helpless, she decides to take an uncharacteristic step and takes it into her own hands…. She stands by her man!”

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Giovinazzo playfully teases that his onscreen wife “comes in and takes control” once she hones in on who is angling to screw over her hubby, adding, “She even schools him on how to talk to the Internal Affairs agent, played by Dean Norris (Breaking Bad). Danny definitely does a little bit of the ‘OK, dear’ thing.”

“I would have loved for the show to keep Danny out [in the field] longer, but I’m sure the Powers That Be know what the people want,” Giovinazzo says candidly. “We definitely got a good run out of it, though.”

Watch one of Lindsay’s many saves of the episode in the clip below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts on Danny’s impending return to the lab.

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