Whitney's Chris D'Elia Offers 6 Silly Reasons to Give the NBC Comedy a Shot

Fact: Whitney is here to stay. It’s the newest addition to NBC’s Thursday night lineup — capping the two-hour comedy block at 9:30/8:30c — and since it’s already been picked up for a full season, we thought we’d give Chris D’Elia (who play’s Whit’s boyfriend Alex) a platform to entice you to watch.

Ready for his six kinda silly, but totally valid, reasons to tune in — one of which is simply because of “puppies”?

He’s Dressing for the Ladies | “The wardrobe people keep giving me tighter and tighter shirts, for sure,” D’Elia reveals, obviously trying to seduce us all. “They’re also writing scenes for me without my shirt, so that one is for the ladies.” Admits the actor with a laugh, “I would rather have a shirtless scene than a tight-shirt scene. For some reason, I always feel like I’m a singing teacher in a tight shirt, and I don’t know why.”

She’s Dressing for the Fellas | “Whitney is always wearing a sexy costume. Actually, the only episode she’s not wearing one is the Halloween episode, which makes no sense. I don’t know how that happened. But there’s a reason for the fellas to tune in, too.” D’Elia does note that, “There is a Jason [from Friday the 13th] mask worn at one point in that episode and Whitney does end up ‘dying’ in it.”

Veronica Mars/Party Down Alums | Two words: Ken Marino. “In the Halloween episode that’s not really about Halloween, Whitney says that when Alex argues he has a condescending tone,” D’Elia previews. “So, she gets surveillance equipment and tries to record me and my brother, who is played by Ken, and we both happen to do the tone.” The actor gushes that Marino “is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever worked with. He’s so nice, so down to earth. I follow him on Twitter but he wouldn’t follow me, so I don’t know what I did wrong…”

There Are Really Relatable Hijinks | This reporter, as a woman in a relationship with a man, can confirm that the following story is 100 percent spot on. “There’s an episode coming up about how guys don’t wash their jeans — and when Whitney finds out about this secret, she thinks it’s disgusting,” D’Elia tells TVLine. “As a ploy to piss me off, she washes and dries all of my jeans and they become really small and tight — it’s actually kind of costumey, too, and it’s really funny.”

There Is Laughter | … multi-cam, laugh-track premise be damned! D’Elia promises that “if you give Whitney more than just 10 minutes of watching, you’ll identify with some of the characters.” He then adds, “People are quick to judge, but as comedians, the live audience and the laughter is great for us. We feed off of their energy. It’s a better show for two comics to be on.”

There Are Puppies! | Who doesn’t love a sweet-looking pooch? “In a few weeks, Whitney and Alex rescue a dog,” D’Elia shares. “We end up not getting our first choice, but I did get to roll around with a bunch of puppies in a little playpen and it was so cute. It’s actually cuter to watch that it was to shoot — they don’t all smell that great, you know?”

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