Private Practice: What Did You Think of Cooper's Big Surprise?

[Warning: The following contains an episode-ending spoiler from this Thursday’s Private Practice.]

This Thursday on ABC’s Private Practice, at least two relationships rode quite the roller coaster, as a recuperated Pete happily reconnected with Violet on a physical level, only for each of them to later realize they still have demons to fight (namely her concern that he thinks her a bad mom, and his fear that he’ll die young before raising Lucas).

Elsewhere, Cooper spent nearly the entire hour trying to smooth over Charlotte’s trust issues. No sooner had they arrived at a sweet, sexy truce, than in the very final scene he got a visit from a pretty woman at the newly rechristened Seaside Health and Wellness.

It was not, however, the first time Coop had met this Erica (played by My So-Called Life‘s A.J. Langer), though it took a moment for him to place her.

“Nine years, I was tending bar…. You stayed ’til last call,” she reminded him. “We had sex in my SUV in the parking lot….

“I have a son. He’s 8. His name is Mason,” she continued, gesturing to a brunette lad over in the waiting area. “And he’s… he’s, well, yours.”

And Cooper’s reaction kinda said it all. Mouth. Agape.

What did you think of this reveal? What range of emotions do you expect Charlotte do go through once she is lopped in? And feel free to weigh in on this week’s other storylines (e.g. Sam’s strides to be there for Addison, Amelia’s usual whatever).

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