Matt's Inside Line on Covert Affairs, Terra Nova, Parks and Rec, Justified, Smallville and More

Will Annie Walker run into the arms of a Latin lover? What mysterious crime will be committed in Terra Nova? Is Secret Circle‘s Faye about to change her tune? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Covert Affairs | I cued up this USA series’ midseason premiere (airing Nov. 1), and it finds Annie on a bit of a “losing streak” professionally and personally; in fact, she’s getting the bum’s rush to vacate her sister’s guest house. Cue a fun music montage in which our girl starts making camp in a  new apartment, complete with an oddly sexy moment in which she’s brandishing… power tools. (For the gals out there, you can look forward to a shirtless and sweaty Sendhil Ramamurthy.) Speaking of Heroes alumni, the episode features Santiago Cabrera as a Spanish chef whom Annie finds to be a bit delicious, while the hour closes with a scene where if Anne Dudek doesn’t get a tear out of you, you’re made of stone. Lastly, if you thought Jai’s future with the Agency was murky when last we tuned in, wait until you see him pack up his desk.

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Parks and Recreation | Expect for some big laughs tonight, as Ron and Leslie shepherd competing scouting groups. You’ll see Ron lament today’s kids’ fascination with “Internet pads,” then unveil the Pawneee Rangers handbook — all three words of it — while Leslie gives my sons’ fave online game, Club Penguin, a shout-out. Elsewhere, Donna and Tom include sad sack Ben in one of their annual rituals, and it ends with Ben displaying “a whole new level of nerd” that makes for a helluva sight gag.

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Terra Nova | What exactly is there for a prehistoric policeman to do when he’s not thwarting attempts on Taylor’s life? Jason O’Mara told me that fans of the Fox series can expect Jim Shannon to tackle a variety of crimes, all the while keeping the Sixers in line. Most interestingly, the actor teased “a theft in Episode 6, by someone you would least expect — and it turns out that person isn’t what they seem, which will be a recurring theme.” Just as mysterious is the pilfered goods. “What they’ve thieved is something we didn’t even know existed, and that is linked mythologically with what’s coming up,” O’Mara says.

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The Secret Circle | Reaching into the reader mailbag, Lindsay beckons, “Can you please do The Secret Circle on Inside Line?! Please?” OK, I’m in. During a recent chat with Phoebe Tonkin, we asked if Faye will remain resolved to unbinding the Circle — and from the sound of it, the Resident Bad Girl may not be rarin’ to go solo much longer. “Even though she likes to be in control, she doesn’t like the consequences of what happen happens when the circle is not bound,” says the actress. “And she’ll also starts realizing how much they could be in danger if they don’t all get together and do magic spells together.”

Justified | Psst, here’s another one from the mailbag; don’t tell Ausiello! “Any Justified scoop?” asks Michele. “After seeing the promo shots this week, I am dying for some info on my favorite show!” Well, by now you’ve seen who was cast as two of Season 3’s villains. But while we’re on the topic of bad eggs, you can rest assured that Dickie (played by Jeremy Davies) will be back, though behind bars, when the FX hit returns. And, interestingly, he will quickly be joined there by a very familiar face, I am hearing.

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The Closer | Put on your Casting Director hat, because during the TNT drama’s final season we will meet one of Provenza’s ex-wives. Liz, the detective’s first Mrs. and the mother of his three kids, will surface when she gets ripped off when trying to pawn her wedding ring. She is described as sentimental and having a big heart – especially when it comes to her bulldog. And even though her former hubby drives her crazy, she still carries a tiny torch for the lug, which could come in handy seeing as Liz may recur in the Major Crimes spin-off set to air after The Closer‘s summer 2012 series finale.

Switched at Birth | Now that Gilles Marini has debuted as Daphne’s absentee father (and Bay’s biological dad!), daddy issues will be on tap when the ABC Family drama returns early next year. But is Angelo really back to make amends ,or is he only out for money with that lawsuit against the hospital? “I would love to think that he just wants to get to know his daughters… but he scares me,” says Katie Leclerc with a laugh. But not too much. After all, it is Gilles Marini. “He’s so hard to dislike,” she continues, “especially since Gilles Marini plays him … with so much emotion that it makes you intrigued and enamored with him.” But Daphne’s not about to open herself up to getting heartbroken, again. “I don’t trust him at all!” she adds.

Smallville‘s Erica Durance Previews Her Date With Charlie’s Angels

Smallville | I know, I know…. Shameless! But I thought it important to follow up on what The Durance teased in her Charlie’s Angels Q&A, that some deleted scenes from the series finale could end up on the DVD. I just heard back from a Warner Home Video rep, and while the DVD sets dropping on Nov. 29 do not feature any outtakes from the closer, I am told that you will get deleted scenes the Season 10 episodes “Shield,” “Supergirl,” “Abandoned,” “Beacon” and “Scion.”

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