X Factor's Wednesday Outing Postponed: Check Out the Revamped Schedule

The X Factor‘s first round of visits to the judges’ homes has in effect been “rained out.”

Due to a massive rain delay that pushed Fox’s coverage of the American League Championship Series Game 4 into primetime, the network has opted to scrap the two-hour X Factor that was set to air this Wednesday night, in all markets.

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Instead, the next phase of The X Factor will roll out Thursday, starting at 8/7c, and then (D’oh!) Sunday from 8 to 10 pm (if the ALCS does not go seven games).

As for tonight: West Coast viewers will get an “encore” broadcast of previous X Factor antics, while the rest of us get America’s pastime.

This marks the second time this week that post-season hardball has played havoc with Fox’s primetime line-up. On Monday, the ALCS Game 2’s extra-innings match-up forced Terra Nova and House back an hour, negatively impacting both shows’ ratings performance.

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