Survivor: South Pacific: Right Move By Keith?

My sympathies go out to anyone who happened to be eating dinner — especially if it was pork (or even a pork byproduct) — during tonight’s spectacularly disgusting immunity challenge on Survivor: South Pacific.

The showdown featured Upolu and Savaii battling to see which tribe could tear more meat off a pair of roasted pigs in a 10-minute period — with the contestants’ hands tied behind their backs. As if the sight of players gnawing/tugging at hunks of flesh caught in their comrades’ teeth wasn’t repugnant enough, there was even a “bowl’s eye view” angle from which you could experience the chunder-worthy vision of wild-eyed, greasy-mouthed players spitting fatty flesh directly into the camera. Salad for lunch for the rest of the week, everyone? At least Jeff Probst got to drop unintentional double entendres like “Rick with a huge piece of meat!”

When Upolu defeated Savaii — 22 lbs, 14 oz of gore to 22 lbs, 12 oz of sinew and saliva (and kudos to Mikayla for possibly tipping the scales with a hunk of swine she picked off the ground)  — the drama turned to the Tribe Formerly Known as Ozzy’s Minions. We’d seen Jim and Cochran, then Cochran and Dawn, plotting last week against Ozzy’s “hammock sweetheart” Elyse. But this week, Ozzy gave increasingly shrewd Jim an opening to recruit Keith to the blindside dark side when the Survivor vet made a remark about how Upolu’s Coach needed to think about ousting Hot Albert, the strongest physical threat in his own alliance. Jim used Ozzy’s “kill your copilot” strategy to make a strong case to Keith that the time had come to wrestle back control of Savaii, and in the end, we got a thrilling vote split: Cochran, Dawn, and Jim voting for Elyse; Ozzy and Elyse voting for Cochran; and Keith and Whitney essentially writing down the word “abstain” (or, essentially, “Elyse”) by voting for Dawn.

On one hand, perhaps Keith and Whitney played it smart by refusing to vote Elyse, and therefore retaining the ability to not technically lie in a jury situation by saying “I never betrayed Ozzy or Elyse.” But honestly, who’s going to really respect that kind of letter-of-the-law gameplay?

Don’t get me wrong, I was stoked to see Ozzy and Elyse get blindsided. I mean, I don’t recall setting my DVR to tape The Ozzy Show, and Elyse’s Tribal Council remark about how Cochran would “appreciate the experience” of Redemption Island was shockingly cocky. Plus, the swipe against Ozzy is a checks-and-balances move assuring he doesn’t have a surplus of power heading into a merge. I just think Keith and Whitney made an error by not owning their own blindside, and that could come with a high price tag down the road. Take our poll below to weigh in.

Oh, and in case you missed the episode, here’s what went down: Christine won the Redemption Island duel over an extremely blasé Stacey; Stacey told the Savaii spectators at the duel that they need to fear Ozzzy Coach, Albert, and Sophie in case of a merge; Stacey and Christine both repeatedly (and hilariously) referred to Coach by his birth name Benjamin; Albert searched in his underwear for clues to the hidden immunity idol, and God, pleased by this display of the human form, rewarded him with a clue; Albert shared the clue only with Sophie and Coach, and Coach found the idol; oh, and Stacey gave us this parting bon mot about her Upolu teammates: “All of y’all are gonna go to Hell with gasoline drawers on.”

What did you think of Keith’s gameplay this week? Were you psyched to see Elyse’s name come up, or were you hoping for a Cochran exit? Take our poll below, hit the comments when you’re done, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.