Ringer Bosses Talk Secret Identity Reveals, MIA Baby Bumps and the Real Siobhan's Next Move

Word to the wise: When chatting with the brains behind The CW’s Ringer (Tuesdays, 9/8c), don’t expect a single spoiler to be spilled. Executive producers Eric Charmelo and Pam Veasey are as tight-lipped as they come — giving the folks over on the late great Lost a run for their money — but given the super-secretive nature of the show, it kinda works for them.

TVLine spoke with the pair about what’s yet to be rung on Ringer, particularly as it pertains to Gemma, Siobhan and that monumental reveal of her true identity which capped last week’s installment.

THE MAIN SECRET IS OUT… | The first few minutes of Tuesday’s Ringer pick up where we left off, with Bridget (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) revealing her identity — she’s not Siobhan, but rather, her twin — to Gemma (Tara Summers). “It was a bold move on Bridget’s part,” Charmelo says, “It was partial desperation, partial plea to try to find an ally in this crazy world.” But how does it play out now that Gemma knows all? We can’t spill (because it’s too good!), but Charmelo says, “Just because the secret’s out to one person doesn’t mean it’s out to the collective. And the drive in [this week’s] episode is to try and contain the oil spill, if you will.” Veasey recognizes that it was early in the season to bust out such a game-changer, but adds, “We needed to have some drama that she could share with someone and up the stakes for Bridget. She can’t live this life and make this choice and everything just lives smoothly. People would go, ‘Right…’ You have to have some jeopardy for her.”

… BUT THAT OTHER SECRET IS NOT | Moving forward, Veasey promises, “You will see more of Siobhan. She’s not always just our punctuation in every episode.” That said, it remains to be seen when exactly Bridget will discover that her sister is actually alive. “Siobhan’s always been the one driven by revenge, so keep that in mind,” Veasey says of the character’s next move. “Revenge has to rear its beautiful head at some point in grander ways.” Adds Charmelo, “She’ll realize she needs to move around in order for things to work out the way she wants them to. So, being sedentary [in Paris] is not in the cards for Siobhan.”

BABY TALK | Now about that supposed pregnancy…. “It’s a quandary she finds herself in,” Charmelo teases of Bridget’s lack of a burgeoning baby bump. “At this point she’d probably be close to two months, so she has to come up with a plan soon. The length of the season will probably span the length of her pregnancy.” The exec producer adds — with a laugh — that Bridget’s options are “fake a miscarriage or… get pregnant — if she’s not already. She was a stripper!” And if you’re wondering why Ioan Gruffudd’s Andrew and faux-Siobhan haven’t even feigned affection, Charmelo says it’s intentional: “We’re going to build up their relationship.”

HOT FOR TEACHER | Veronica Mars alum Jason Dohring joins the fold next week as the instructor of Siobahn’s stepdaughter at her new — gasp! — public school. So, can we expect the usual teacher/student hookup? “Juliet (Zoey Deutch) does like her teacher,” Veasey teases. That said, the relationship starts off innocently enough, with Dohring’s character acting as an “ally” for Juliet, who feels completely out of her element in her new placement among the locals.

LASTLY, AN OMINOUS TEASE | Keep an eye this week on Kris Polaha’s philandering Henry. That’s all.