Terra Nova First Look Video: Will Elisabeth's Ex Become a Dino's Dinner?

Last week on Fox’s Terra Nova (Mondays at 8/7c), viewers — and Jim Shannon, for that matter! — met Dr. Malcolm Wallace (The Tudors‘ Rod Hallett), the chief science officer who played a key role in getting Elisabeth recruited for the 10th pilgrimage, yet under the assumption she’d arrive stag, leaving her convict husband in 2149.

Well, Doc, that’s not how it turned out, but Jim nonetheless seems irked that out of all the gin joints in all the prehistoric eras, his wife finds herself reunited with an old flame from med school. But then again, in the extremely wild West of Terra Nova, who’s to say that Jim’s “problem” won’t be solved by one hungry dinosaur?

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Such a scenario is teased in this clip from this week’s episode, in which Jim and Malcolm get eyeballed by an Ovosaurus as a virus at a scientific outpost erases the memory of several colonists. REMINDER: Both Terra Nova and House are set to air new episodes tonight, though Fox’s coverage of this afternoon’s American League championship series Game 2 might, just might, make them run a bit late.

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