The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Weekend

On TV this weekend: Baseball inches closer to the World Series, Cuddy as Will Gardner’s buddy, Breaking Bad‘s very good finale, and more. We’ve gone daily with the TVLine-Up, and here are our picks for Saturday and Sunday.

7:30 pm MLB American League Championship Series (Fox) | I am left to root for my Dallas-based sister’s Texas Rangers, hosting the Tigers here for Game 1.

9 pm Bedlam (BBC America) | My first NYC apartment building was many things, but it was not a former insane asylum. (Though things did tend to get pretty crazy when I fired up my Sega.) Here in Episode 2 of this series, Jed and Ryan race against time to find out what horrific secret Molly’s gal pal Leah is hiding.

9 pm Terror Beneath (Syfy) | In this original movie, Adrian Pasdar (Heroes) tries to play hero when — wait for it — roots from the Garden of Eden (!) start burrowing all over the globe, wreaking havoc.

10 pm 48 Hours Mystery (CBS) | “Amanda Knox: The Untold Story” dives deep into the recent verdict of the murder trial in Italy.

11 pm Free Agents (BBC America) | Funny, this Stateside airing of the original UK series was envisioned as being supplemental to NBC’s adaptation. That didn’t really work out, did it?

11:30 pm Saturday Night Live (NBC) | Ben Stiller hosts, with musical guest Foster the People. There was buzz that Eddie Murphy will put in a cameo….

4 pm MLB National League Championship Series (TBS) | The Brewers host the Cards. I say… birds.

8 pm The Amazing Race (CBS) | The Indonesian odyssey continues with one team stranded by a mechanical failure, and two other teams forced to join forces to crack a brainbuster.

9 pm The Good Wife (CBS) | Will. Alicia. In a hotel room. With Lisa Edelstein (House). No, it’s not what you’re thinking, but by all means hold onto that thought until Sunday night.

9 pm Desperate Housewives (ABC) | Taking a page from Three’s Company‘s kitchen door scenes, Mike suspects Susan and Carlos are having an affair when what they’re really doing is commiserating over the cover-up. Elsewhere, the engagement of her sister (Sarah Paulson) runs salt in Lynette’s marital wound.

9 pm Boardwalk Empire (HBO) | When the Commodore uses the Coast Guard to delay deliveries of alcohol, Owen sees an oppottunity to prove his value to Nucky.

9 pm Dexter (Showtime) | Dexter smells a rat when Brother Sam (Mos Def) is brought in to help solve a macabre murder, while Deb fields not one but two proposals in the wake of becoming a hero.

10 pm Breaking Bad (AMC) | Last week’s episode was all rigged to end with a bang, yet didn’t. So what happens now? For one, Walt needs to find a way into his guarded house. Jessie meanwhile has some tough questions to answer from the po-po. (I have a great Q&A with Giancarlo Esposito aka “Gus” going up later this weekend.) Also note: This season finale runs 68 minutes.

10 pm Homeland (Showtime) | Brody has night terrors that leave a mark on his Mrs.; Carrie discovers that an asset who is (ahem) close to a Saudi prince could have a bead on the big break she needs.

10 pm Pan Am (ABC) | Time to play the Kennedy card. (So soon?)

10 pm 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park (Comedy Central) | This docu celebrating the show’s 15th season reveals just how they shove such timely bon mots into those potty mouths.

10:30 pm Dirty Soap (E!) | New time slot alert! Brandon (jealous grr…) takes Nadia away for a special birthday weekend.

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