Fringe Preview: Seth Gabel Reveals the Lincolns' Feelings for Both Olivias

They say love knows no boundaries, and on Fox’s multi-universe-traversing Fringe (Fridays at 9/8c), it truly doesn’t.

For one, Peter and Olivia pined for each other across time and space as he shacked up with Alt Olivia while the real FBI agent he loves was shackled up Over There. But that’s not the only romance that’s populated the universes. Alt Lincoln last season confessed some pretty heavy emotions for red-headed, badass Olivia, and his Over Here alter-ego may be developing some feelings for our Olivia as well, Seth Gabel hinted during a Vancouver set visit arranged by Warner Bros. TV.

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“Lincoln seems somehow bound to [our] Olivia in some way,” he says, adding that Alt Lincoln is also “very intrigued by her because he doesn’t know much about her. She’s obviously another version of the woman he likes or loves, so he’s titillated.”

Whether that connection between our Olivia and Lincoln develops into “a brotherly relationship or a love relationship remains to be seen,” notes Gabel. “But there’s definitely love there.”

Over in the other universe, the dynamic between Alt Lincoln and Alt Olivia is more clearly – and frustratingly – defined as unrequited. Although the two have “really great chemistry,” Gabel notes, Alt Olivia doesn’t respond to her partner in the way he so desperately desires. “She sees it very much as a brother/sister relationship, so she’s very open and welcoming to [him],” explains Gabel. “She’s happy to have someone to play with, and I just want her to love me.”

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Given that Alt Lincoln is crushing hard on his pal, but can’t have her, could he start dating the blonde doppelganger he’s so “titillated” by instead? “I think, logistically, it’s really difficult,” Gabel admits, noting with a laugh that the crossover “bridge” security would make it quite a process. “It’s a real long distance relationship. But I think it’s possible.”

Another potential obstacle to such a long-distance romance: Peter, whose imminent return Gabel describes as “dramatic.” But don’t expect any fights to break out between the two guys. On our side, “Lincoln and Peter seem to get along,” he says. In fact, Gabel labels their relationship as “whatever the definition of bromance is without using that word.”

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“I don’t think there’s a competitive nature there,” he continues. “I’m hoping because there are alts of each person and only one Peter that Lincoln and Peter can be ultimately happy in some way.”

There’s one other relationship Gabel would like to see, though he failed to specify his meaning — the Olivias? the Lincs? — when he offered it up unsolicited. “I want the T-shirt for this season to be, ‘It’s not incest if it’s in a different universe,’” he shared with a laugh.

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