Secret Circle Stars Tease this Week's 'Dark and Scary' Episode: 'Faye Starts Going a Little Mad'

The Secret Circle may have bound their witchy group, but make no mistake, the power struggle continues in this Thursday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c).

When Cassie finds out that a friend of her mother’s has been in a catatonic state since the fire that killed half of the circle’s parents, she sets out to make things right — and in doing so gets a little more than she bargained for. Turns out Mom’s friend, Heather, is possessed, and that leads to a “really dark” and “scary” hour, according to the show’s star.

“It’s got a different feel than previous episodes,” Britt Robertson, who plays Cassie, previewed during a Vancouver set visit arranged by Warner Bros. TV. “It’s a mystery, and it shows you a different side of witchcraft than you’ve seen before.”

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Since what happened to Heather is pretty personal to the history of Cassie’s mother, “You really get to see Cassie step it up and take charge and figure out what’s going on,” Robertson continues. “She’s a Nancy Drew of sorts.”

Adds Shelley Hennig, who plays Diana, “Basically we’re ‘playing Clue,’ trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together” about how Heather was connected to their folks’ circle. Being the sensible one, “Diana actually wants Cassie and Adam to not go and find this stuff out yet [because] we don’t have enough information.”

As much as Diana isn’t too keen about the new girl always scampering off with her beau, the green-eyed monster has nothing to do with this call, insists Thomas Dekker. “Diana’s really good about not being jealous of the time Cassie and I spend together, or even the looks she might see. [But] she does not like when we do magic together, and there’s a reason for that that has to do with Adam, Diana and magic, which we find out two weeks from now.”

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Not surprisingly, Adam and Cassie don’t heed Diana’s warnings and go behind her back, to disastrous results. “We think we’re doing something very good for this person we’ve discovered,” says Dekker, “but we were very, very wrong.” Adds Hennig, “That’s when it becomes really dangerous and something crazy happens at the end.”

Speaking of crazy, the hour also finds Cassie electing to learn more about her and the group’s powers by taking “a little bit of a field trip,” says Robertson, to see Faye, “the only other one that’s down to find more out about magic.” Their confab doesn’t quite go according to plan when “they have a lock-in of crazy, disaster circumstances” back at Faye’s house.

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“They try to do some spells that completely go wrong,” elaborates Phoebe Tonkin. Yet some good does come out of the mess as the two girls “start seeing that they can use each other for things equally.” (Hey, nobody ever said the good weren’t selfish.) The fact that these two are finding any common ground is quite a feat seeing as how Faye’s “starting to get a little frustrated,” notes Tonkin. “She can see that Cassie is starting to slowly take away everything that is important to Faye.”

Resident Bad Girl Faye starts to feel “a bit lonely, like she doesn’t have people to rely on, and paranoid that people are turning against her” when she finds that her lapdog Melissa is finding her own two feet to stand on. As a result, and as she feels more and more threatened by Cassie, she “starts lashing out,” teases Tonkin, “questioning herself and going a little mad.”