Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Glee, Fringe, Castle, Ringer and More!

Will Emma stay pure for another whole season? Where in the worlds is Walternate hiding? What happens now that Siobhan’s Ringer has dropped a humdinger on her bestie? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Fringe | You know who’s been conspicuously missing from this show? Well, besides that Peter guy. Walternate! Where is that sly silver fox hiding? John Noble explains that with so much groundwork to be laid with this new season, “We haven’t arrived at that point in the storyline” where Walternate has to be accounted for. “But he will [be back]… when we need him again.” Noble then raises the question of whether Walter’s doppelganger will be changed as a result of our universe’s Peter-less state. “Is he still the same? What happens with Elizabeth on the other side?” the actor muses, noting: “Everyone’s lost a son.” As for Walter prime, Noble says the hermit-like genius will venture outside the lab in the not-too-distant future, when he and Olivia embark on an “enormous adventure together.”

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Ringer | The CW’s new thriller sure played a lot of cards this week – uncorking one reveal that I thought was at least a half-season away, if not fodder for a finale. Of course, I speak of “Siobhan” revealing to BFF Gemma, in the wake of having “her” affair with Henry discovered, that she is actually Bridget –  whose existence Gemma only learned of a few scenes prior. What happens next? Well, though Gemma seemed rarin’ to blab to Andrew, I am told that she will instead use Bridget’s secret to put the undercover twin in a most compromising situation by making her a most indecent proposal. Hmmm….

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Person of Interest | If you’re wondering what will happen if Detective Carter (played by Taraji P. Henson) ever tracks down the elusive Reese, you might want to brace for her butting heads with Mr. Finch first. “I have some great scenes coming up with Taraji, and they were such fun to play,” Michael Emerson says of CBS drama’s Oct. 13 episode. What brings the lady cop and Machine master together? Reveals Emerson, “Because she’s relentless and smart, she’s going to pursue Reese — and in the course of that she will find out that she’s not dealing with just one lone actor.” Of course, Finch won’t aid her any in her pursuit. “She’s trying to find things out, and I am not helpful,” Emerson says with a laugh.

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Castle | One of the big teases dropped at Comic-Con over the summer was this ABC hit’s plan to tackle the topic of Castle’s father. But that paternal exposition will come later rather than sooner. “We’re still in the process of breaking the story, but we are hoping to play with Castle’s fathers mythology this year, probably at midseason,” series creator Andrew W. Marlowe told me. The writers first wanted to let the Johanna Beckett thread from last season and this season’s opener simmer down a little. “After that really explosive season finale,” Marlowe explains, “the most important thing to me was be able to get the two characters back to the recognizable fun that people are used to seeing, but hopefully with a little more depth and meaning to all of their exchanges.”

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Glee | About a year ago, I had asked Jayma Mays what the odds were that Emma would emerge from Season 2 – including her marriage to Carl! – intact. Back then, she offered “50/50.” But what about now, seeing as Emma and Will are, like, sharing a bed and all? “If we were betting on her virginity, Season 2 clearly was safe. But for Season 3, I’m not so sure that the odds would be with you,” she ventures with a chuckle. One sure bet, though, is that Mays wants to have it all be done with. “When we found out at the end of Season 2 that she was still a virgin, I immediately thought , ‘Oh no, what are they going to make me do in Season 3?!’ So I go to work scared every single day that there’s go to be that ‘losing virginity’ scene. I’m absolutely terrified of that!”

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