Fringe Cast Previews Peter's Return and the Big New Threat to Both Universes

Fringe fans, the wait is almost over: Peter Bishop will be making his way home to the Fox series (Fridays at 9/8c), and sooner rather than later. But the return won’t be without its complications.

John Noble predicts that the reunion between father and son will be “very hard to take” for the already mentally fragile Walter. “[He’s] always blamed himself for everything that’s gone wrong,” Noble said during a Vancouver set visit arranged by Warner Bros. TV. “Whether he even thinks he deserves this chance [to get Peter back] is another matter.”

Then there’s the question of whether the reunion is even real or, Noble muses, is Walter just “fabricating this in his mind as some escape?”

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As Noble notes, Walter would “be very concerned about the fact that it’s just another extension of his madness,” which if witnessed would precipitate his return to St. Claire’s Hospital. “It’s terrifying material for Walter.”

Noble also suspects Peter’s return could have consequences for Walter’s relationship with Olivia, who’s much more of a hands-on caretaker for him in this new reality. “How will Walter react to another person taking her attention?” he wonders. “I’ve got all those interesting, strange things to play with — those emotions, which could potentially happen, of jealousy and anger and being off-sided because you’re being ignored.”

Sounds like the odds of Peter’s re-entry into the Fringe world being a smooth and happy one are not good. Jasika Nicole puts it more bluntly: “It’s not like a ‘Welcome home.’ And it might even be the opposite of [that].”

“The transition is really difficult,” she adds. “There’s not an immediate, ‘OK, we’re back to where we were before.’ It takes a while.” And until there’s acceptance, “It’s just a battle,” she says.

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But get this, there’s an even bigger battle brewing. Though the two universes have been crumbling from the damage they’ve done to each other, that’s nothing compared to a potential new threat that will force the distrusting Fringe teams to come together. “There is a possibility that there is an outside force that has nothing to do with these universes but is affecting these universes,” teases Nicole. Once realized, the Fringe teams will “for serious” need to join forces, “because otherwise,” the actress says, “everything is going to go crazy.”

“It’s going to start getting more intense, but actually we’re going to start working together more, too,” says Lance Reddick, who predicts things are going to get interesting for “Broyles, but definitely for alt-Broyles.” (The odds of seeing the two Fringe leaders interacting are “pretty good,” he hints.)

So what brings this third force into the picture? “Something in the past has come back,” is all Nicole would reveal. Could this something be a person? Reddick hints that a “great character from seasons ago” will return.