Jaime King Attempts to Untangle Hart of Dixie's Sweetly-Twisted Love Triangle

If you find yourself both charmed and slightly mystified by one of Hart of Dixie‘s seemingly innocent love triangles, join the club. We are, of course, referring to the romantic imbroglio at the heart of Dixie (Mondays at 9/8 c on The CW) involving George (Scott Porter), fiancée Lemon (Jaime King), and her star-crossed love Lavon (Cress Williams).

In an effort to untangle this complex webof love and lies, TVLine tracked down King, who explained that there’s “nothing malicious” afoot. Rather, “George and Lemon are just two people that deeply care about each other and are also very confused as to where their hearts really should be.”

But let’s backtrack a bit. Little is known about how and when Lemon — who has been engaged to her high school sweetheart for at least two years — found time to romance the pro footballer-turned-mayor of Bluebell.

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“My own theory is that George did something when he was in New York that caused Lemon to feel vulnerable,” King muses. “He and Lemon were engaged before he [took the job], and then he left — for two years! — which you just don’t do. And that’s where this thing happened with Lavon.

“The writers won’t tell me what exactly went,” she adds, “but that’s how it was explained to me.”

The actress goes on to disclose that once “George decided to come back to Bluebell, Lemon broke it off [with Lavon] because she’s not a bad person. She wouldn’t be unfaithful in that way.” And in case there was any lingering confusion at the end of last Monday’s premiere, King confirms that there is “not an affair going on right now between Lavon and Lemon, [but] something happened, and we’ve yet to discover what that is.”

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For the time being, the Lemon/Lavon secret remains safe from George (“We’re already shooting the ninth episode, and they haven’t even told us, the actors, yet!”), but the unspoken tension between the three — four if you count George’s crush Zoe (Rachel Bilson) — is palpable.

“Moving forward, you see how much Lavon and Lemon are really in love,” previews King. “She’s really her true self with him. But then at the same time, when you see her with George, you also see this deep love.

“There are two sides of the coin here,” she continues. “But either way, I know nothing going on is malicious. It’s like any relationship where things just get really confusing.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)