Exclusive Dexter First Look: Dex Sets His Sights on Mos

The artist formerly known as Mos Def (he’s just Mos now) makes his Dexter debut next week as an ex-con who claims to have found God. But as you can see by the following exclusive clip from the Oct. 9 episode, Dex isn’t buying what Brother Sam is selling. It doesn’t help that the allegedly reformed criminal has once again found himself in Miami Metro’s crosshairs.

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“Because of who the character is on paper, Dexter’s inclined to be dismissive, but he’s also captivated by the guy,” explains Dexter leading man Michael C. Hall. “And it’s been really easy to do that because Mos is a captivating presence and a captivating talent. He’s also just a genuinely kind person. He’s been great to have on set.”

Watch the scene and see if you can get a clear read on Brother Sam.

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