Arrested Development Returning to TV?!

Arrested Development fans now have something else to get their hopes up about in addition to that long-teased feature film.

Series creator Mitch Hurtwiz announced Sunday at The New Yorker Festival that he wants to bring Arrested back to television for a brief mini-season prior to the show hitting the big screen.

According to attendees at the sold-out panel — which featured the entire cast of the late cult hit — Hurwitz’s goal would be to produce another nine or 10 episodes, but there’s a twist: Each installment would focus on a different Bluth. Such a move would help alleviate the many scheduling conflicts that would no doubt arise now that much of the cast has moved on to other projects.

Of course, questions remain: Where would the mini-season air? (Our sister site Deadline reports that Netflix and Showtime are in the running.) When would the episodes be shot? And most importantly, what are the odds of this actually happening?!

Stay tuned…