Supernatural Shocker: What Did You Think of This Week's Big Twists?

This Friday night’s episode of The CW’s Supernatural was titled “Hello, Cruel World,” and — spoiler alert, do not read further until you have seen the show! — what a cruel twist of fate it indeed presented to, among others, Castiel (played by Misha Collins, who is no longer a series regular).

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After admitting he was in the wrong and asking for Dean’s forgiveness in the Season 7 premiere, it seemed like Cas was within redemption’s reach. But then the Leviathans took over and took him for a ride in this week’s installment, eventually apparently bursting right outta the guy, leaving nothing behind but a wet trenchcoat. Dean, in particular, looked crestfallen by the loss of one of his best friends, as Bobby put it. But is Cas really gone for good? The door — or should I say the water supply into which he supposedly dissolved — seems to have been left open a crack. Or perhaps that unexpectedly quiet exit really was the last of Cas.

But there’s very little time for grieving on Supernatural, especially since the new baddies, the Leviathan, had made their way into the water pipes, aka the “highway to anywhere.” They eventually take up residence in a man who works in demolition (symbolic, isn’t it?) and, in the show’s tradition of using little kids to creepy effect, a pint-sized girl. But she doesn’t like being so small and morphs into “Dr. Sexy” — a great nod to Season 5’s stellar “Changing Channels” — before gobbling him up with those scary Leviathan claw-like mouths. Sheriff Mills, who’s currently a patient at Dr. Sexy’s hospital, spies him feeding on his own patient and calls Bobby for help. And these Leviathan? They also have a boss, and he doesn’t seem to want their bloody messes in the paper. Hmm, who could be the big bad boss of the oldest monsters?

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Meanwhile, Sam is “tripping on Hell’s bells,” seeing hallucinations of Lucifer while reloading his gun over and over and over. As far coping mechanisms go, it’s a total failure. Lucifer takes on Dean’s form and tricks Sam into following him to a warehouse. Lucifer-as-Dean tells Sam he’s not the first hunter to go bonkers and that he’s “never going to be OK.” Granted, Lucifer is trying to mess with Sam’s head, but he’s not completely off base. Think about all the Winchesters have been through — trips to hell, numerous deaths, lost loved ones, horrible sights of violence and goriness, and the constant struggle and weight of trying to save the world. If they didn’t go a little nuts, then I’d be worried. Luckily, the real Dean arrived before it was too late and convinced Sam that he was only hallucinating Lucifer’s presence (complete with snarky commentary).

But Cas’ “disappearance” would not be the only strong hint at loss. Towards the episode’s end, Dean and Sam arrived at Bobby’s home to find it ravaged by a blaze — seemingly with the boys’ bud inside, seeing as Dean couldn’t even reach him on his very, very private line. (“You’ve reached a number you should not have.”) This could be the most devastating blow to the boys yet. Not only have they lost their only home base, but also possibly their lone “family” member. Here’s hoping Bobby’s car was slow and he didn’t make it home before whoever it was — and just who would want to torch Bobby’s place? Leviathan? — set the fire.

On top of it all, the episode left us on another cliffhanger, as Sam’s injuries in the episode-ending scuffle with one big bad (and seemingly revived) Leviathan made him susceptible anew to Lucifer’s torment. That in turn made Sam start seizing in the ambulance, while Dean realized that they were being taken to the last hospital they’d want to be “treated” at — the one overtaken by the monstrous, gnarly teethed Leviathans. I’m pretty sure we can still hear Dean yelling, “Noooo!”

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For an episode so early on in the season, the boys were left with many big blows — the loss of Cas, the release of the seemingly indestructible Leviathan, Sam’s issues upstairs, the destruction of Bobby’s place and possibly the man too, and, like a cruel cherry on top, a broken leg for Dean. The obstacles are starting to pile up for the Winchesters, and they sure do feel insurmountable. And I can’t help feeling like Dean is about to crack too, especially after his “not [doing] good” phone call to Bobby.

Supes fans, is Dean about to lose it? What did you think of Cas’ exit? Who do you think is the Leviathan boss? And what do you make of Sam and Bobby’s fates?

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