House Exclusive First Look Video: Here Comes the... Bride?

Brace yourselves, because Dr. Gregory House appears to be heading for a wedding — and you will not believe who the bride is.

As part of the Fox drama’s Season 8 cast photo shoot, series lead Hugh Laurie — whose contributions to past set-ups include the caduceus-inspired “snake” image — put himself in a bridal gown, donned a dictator’s uniform and fancied himself part of a chain gang, among other noisy concepts.

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You can see Laurie and castmates Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson, Odette Annable and Charlene Yi posing away in the exclusive video we’ve posted here. Give it a watch, then read on for more:

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Hugh Laurie on House Going ‘Off the Deep End’ and ‘Exploiting’ the New Girl

If any of the set-ups seem a bit “out there”, know there’s always a context in mind. For the wedding dress set-up, for example, Laurie envisioned, “This heart is unbreakable,” “JILTED?” and “‘Til death us do part or I drive my car into your living room. Whichever comes first,” while House-as-dictator is there to assert, “This is not a democracy” — have truer words ever been spoken? The chain gang, meanwhile, underscores a possible season-opening theme, as House (ostensibly) wraps up his prison stay: “The punishment never fits the crime.”

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Catch House in prison garb — and not white lace — when Season 8 bows this Monday at a new time, 9/8c.

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