Nikita's Devon Sawa Previews Owen's Return and a Jaw-Dropping Twist: 'Fans Will Be Shocked!'

Devon Sawa (finally) brings his rogue Division agent, Owen Elliot, back to Nikita on Friday (The CW, 8/7c). So, what can viewers expect from Mikita’s latest encounter with the always intense Guardian? TVLine recently caught up with the actor, who declares, “Fans will be surprised and shocked.”

TVLINE | Is Owen in a better state of mind this time around?
He’s maintaining the regimen now, so, he’s not the Tasmanian Devil and he hasn’t lost it — yet. But he’s running low and he’s probably headed that way. His main [focus] right now is trying to figure out a way to come off the regimen.

TVLINE | How does Owen come to encounter these two again? Is it purely coincidence?
It’s just one of those things where Michael (Shane West), Nikita (Maggie Q) and Owen are all after the same thing, so it’s like, “You again!”

TVLINE | What exactly is Owen after that will help wean him off of his treatments?
A possibility comes up that could be a way off of the regimen. It has to do with the black boxes and a doctor, so they’re exploring whether this is a way to come off of it.

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TVLINE | Is there still animosity between Michael and Owen?
They’re starting to grow on each other. There’s a little moment in the episode where they give each other the “man nod.” Michael’s guard is starting to come down a little bit with Owen because he knows Owen is not after Nikita. That relationship is now more of a brother-sister-best friend thing; they get each other.

TVLINE | According to showrunner Craig Silverstein, the way Owen exits the episode is a huge shocker.
It’s a jaw-dropper! I always read the last couple pages [of a script] first — Owen could take a bullet or something, you never know! — and I definitely didn’t see it coming.

TVLINE | What more can you say about it?
I can’t say anything about it other than fans will be surprised and shocked, and I think excited to see where it goes.

TVLINE | Craig also said you’ll be returning before the midseason hiatus.
Yeah, I’m going back for a few episodes… We’ll see Owen still coming off the regimen, but he’s going to attempt a different way of doing it.

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TVLINE | Fans are hoping to see some scenes with Alex and Owen. Will they actually meet in this episode?
Nothing yet with Alex and Owen. It’s an interesting little fan following they have [considering the fact that] we still haven’t met. I think it’d be interesting to have Owen meet her in whatever way Craig comes up with.

TVLINE | Does Owen interact with any new characters?
I did get to work with Aaron [Stanford]. Birkhoff and Owen meet and they couldn’t be more different. There’s a little bit of comedy from Aaron’s character and it’s fun.

TVLINE | Can we look forward to seeing Owen kick some ass again?
This episode was hard for me because the one big action scene that I had was a heavy Michael scene. I had to stand in the background. [Laughs] I just wanted to get my knees dirty and not watch, but he did a great job. Hopefully [I’ll get my shot] in my next episode! I was speaking to one of the writers, Albert Kim, and he says not to worry, they’ll be some heavy Owen action ahead.

TVLINE | You’ve predominantly done film in your career, but now that Nikita has given you a taste of TV, are you looking for something more permanent on the small screen?
I’m not opposed to doing it at all. I’d never done TV in all my years acting, and I walked on to the set of NCIS: LA and it was a shock. I didn’t know what to expect. It’s so different! Hats off to TV people. So many more lines to learn, so many scenes, but I learned quickly. And Nikita has been great. I love to do TV now, so we’ll see what happens.

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