Survivor: South Pacific: Is It Time for Coach to Shake Up His Alliance?

This week’s Survivor: South Pacific found Little Russell (aka Brandon Hantz) once again proving himself as trustworthy as a campaign promise the day after the polls close. Look, regardless of whether or not you think the guy’s war against perfectly innocent Mikayla — or “the whore of Babylon,” as Sophie kiddingly tried to sum up Brandon’s feelings about the lithe young lady — there’s no denying his actions are putting his alliance at risk.

When Mikayla — quite reasonably — tried to find out what she’d done to incur Brandon’s wrath, he brought her out in front of the entire tribe, told her she didn’t have “much of an alliance,” and insisted everyone keep him “out of the drama.” (And this was shortly after he called a “family meeting” to out himself as Russell’s cousin.) In just a week of Survivor play, the dude has proven himself a big ole drama queen, shown that he’s unable to keep his emotions in check for the sake of strategy, and regularly gone back on his word — without so much as a warning to his alliance-mates. (Remember how he told Coach that the Hantz Family secret was just between the two of ’em?)

If I was in Coach’s shoes, I’d be encouraging my cohorts to cast Brandon out of the alliance of five and replace him with either Mikayla (a strong force in challenges, and seemingly sane) or Edna (a proven “pal” of Coach’s, and also seemingly sane). Then again, on the pro-Brandon side, he’s the perfect person to take to the finale, no?

p.s. If you missed the episode, the week’s main developments were Christine toppling Semhar in the Redemption Island duel (and Semhar dropping some unintentionally hilarious beat poetry beforehand); Dawn passing super-hot Albert in a leg of the Immunity Challenge; Upolu pulling out the win thanks to Coach’s grappling-hook skills; and Savaii voting off Papa Bear in a predictable Tribal Council.

Take our poll below and weigh in on whether Coach needs to spearhead an alliance shakeup, then explain your thinking down in the comments! (Slezak on Twitter: @MichaelSlezakTV)