Exclusive: Law & Order: SVU Casts Medium Teenager in Harrowing Role

It won’t take a psychic to predict that fans of dearly departed Medium will be setting their DVRs for an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU. That’s because Sofia Vassilieva, who spent seven seasons playing Ariel Dubois (eldest daughter of Patricia Arquette’s Allison), has been cast in a pivotal guest-starring role as a rape victim.

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Vassilieva will play Sarah Reese, a self-reliant, bohemian girl and shining star of her middle-class suburban family who comes to New York City on a piano scholarship, but loses her inner light after she’s attacked in her own apartment, according to an SVU insider. Vassilieva’s role will coincide with the SVU debut of Andre Braugher, who has signed on as a defense attorney hired by Sarah’s attacker.

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