Burn Notice Scoop: Dean Cain, Eric Roberts, Kristanna Loken Booked For Red-Hot Finale

Burn Notice has lined up a smokin’ trio for its upcoming finale.

Dean Cain, Eric Roberts and Kristanna Loken have snagged juicy guest-star roles on the USA Network smash, which returns November 3 with the final six episodes of Season 5.

Superman-turned-TV-movie-mainstay Cain will play Ryan, a cocky and dangerous CIA officer with years of experience in both field work and intelligence gathering who can sometimes be his own worst enemy.

Roberts’ character Reed, meanwhile, makes his living supplying foreign, unfriendly governments with sensitive information about the US. (He does this by finding American assets that can be compromised — disgruntled spies and the like — and getting them to sell what they know.)

Lastly, ex-Terminatrix Loken (a.k.a. Painkiller Jane) will potentially recur as Rebecca, a hotshot young CIA agent with counterterrorism experience who gets assigned to Michael’s team.

All three will turn up in December’s Season 5 closer.