Scoop: Bones' John Francis Daley Crosses Over to The Finder

The first official Bones/Finder crossover is upon us.

John Francis Daley’s Bones shrink, Sweets, is set to pop up on the show’s spinoff this season, TVLine has confirmed.

“Who is more qualified to examine [Geoff Stults’] brain damaged paranoid finder than Sweets?” exec producer Stephen Nathan jokes to TVLine. “I think the FBI made a very good choice sending him.”

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Daley — who has a little time on his hands now that Bones is on a three-month hiatus to accommodate Emily Deschanel’s maternity leave — is expected to be the first of several Bones vets to cross over to The Finder. David Boreanaz, meanwhile, has already signed on to direct an upcoming installment.

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Season 7 of Bones launches Nov. 3, with The Finder debuting at midseason.