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Happy Endings Season 2 Scoop: Max Gets Serious, Megan Mullally Sings, and Time Travel!

Watch out hipsters and zombies — Happy Endings is back this Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 9:30/8:30c, right after Modern Family. But the ABC comedy isn’t resting on its Season 1 laurels. No, the sophomore run will have more guest stars (Parks and Recreation scene stealer Megan Mullally!), more romance (Dave and Alex: Round 2?) and, of course, more hilarious adventures (did you see our Halloween preview?).

TVLine got the scoop on all that and more — including a possible flashback episode — from the cast and series creator David Caspe.

WORKING HARD FOR THE MONEY | The group’s resident slacker is getting his act together. “Max is sick and tired of being told that he’s a bum and that he has no money,” previews Adam Pally. “So he goes to any length he can to make sure that he’s a contributing member of the group, financially.” To do that, Max gets several new jobs, but Pally’s keeping mum on what they are. “He’ll do anything and everything for a dollar,” he teases. One thing Max won’t do: Get serious with a guy just yet. He’ll continue to play the field for now – “If there’s a penis around, Max will be in it,” jokes Pally – but if the day comes when Max is finally ready for a steady boyfriend, Pally’s got an actor in mind for the role: Comedian (and Conan tour opening act) Reggie Watts. “I think he’s the funniest comedian around,” says Pally. “And I also find him very attractive.”

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BEST MOM EVER | “It was out of this world. It was sick.” That’s how Casey Wilson describes working with Megan Mullally, who guest stars as her TV mom in Episode 3. Wilson says that Mama Hartz is an “eternal optimist” who told wee, little Penny “that food stamps were British money.” Adds Caspe, “They’re sort of like the Gilmore Girls. They were always best friends rather than mother/daughter.” Mullally’s character comes back into her daughter’s life and “needs to get a little grip on reality,” teases Wilson. Oh, and did we mention she’s a traveling singer and that she and Penny were once a mother/daughter singing duo called Two Hartz Beat As One? Ah-mah-zing, right? “We did a big song-and-dance number,” previews Wilson. “It was literally the highlight of my short career.”

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SECOND TIME’S THE CHARM? | Happy Endings opened with Alex leaving Dave at the altar, but it in last season’s finale, it sure seemed like her feelings for her onetime fiancé aren’t completely gone. “I think that will always be there,” says Elisha Cuthbert, adding that she and co-star Zachary Knighton are always “leaving that little bit of chemistry there just in case.” And does Dave still have feelings for his ex? “We’re going to find that out this year,” says Knighton. But for right now, the show is keeping the pair in the friends zone. “It’s the type of the thing where we find it organically,” adds Caspe. “We write a story and then we think about how Dave and Alex would react to that story relative to each other. And if brings them closer, it brings them closer. And if it pushes them further, it pushes them further.”

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NO BABIES ON BOARD | Jane and Brad are going strong, but don’t look for a baby to enter their happy marriage any time soon. “[Brad] was born without testicles,” jokes Damon Wayans Jr., adding, “I think kids are boring. And they’re only cute for like one second. TV kids are like puppies.” So how will the twosome stay busy in the meantime? By spicing it up in the bedroom! “We see a lot more playfulness with Jane and Brad,” teases Eliza Coupe. We might also travel back in time, via flashbacks, and see how they and the rest of the group met. “We are breaking an episode that hopefully would do that,” reveals Caspe. “We’d love to do a full flashback episode, but we’re not sure how early we would do that because people are still getting to know the characters.”

Happy Endings fans, how psyched are you for the show’s return? Which of these upcoming plots has you most excited?