Exclusive: Grey's Anatomy Brings Back Mama O'Malley — Could George's Ghost Be Next?

The spirit of George O’Malley will be making the rounds at Seattle Grace this fall, but not in the form of T.R.Knight.

A Grey’s Anatomy insider confirms to TVLine exclusively that Debra Monk is set to reprise her role as George’s mother, Louise — a little more than two years after her army-bound son succumbed to injuries from being hit by a bus.

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Mrs. O’Malley’s return — presumably for medical reasons — is sure to reopen old wounds for Meredith and Bailey. It’s also certain to lead to an awkward run-in between her and former daughter-in-law Callie, seeing as how the last time the two saw each other Callie was “straight.”

There’s no word if Knight will put in an appearance in the episode, either via flashback or as a ghost a la Denny. But I’m guessing, um, probably not.

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Monk’s return engagement is slated to air Nov. 3.