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The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Tuesday

With the Fall TV season and all its shiny, new wares still rolling out, we’re continuing with a daily TVLine-Up. (For those who must plan ahead, here is our complete Fall TV premieres calendar, plus I do summarize what’s coming up the next day.) This Tuesday, amazingly — for the first night in a long time — is premiere-free, so I’ll instead be hitting you with some highlights from the Week 2 offerings.

8/7c Glee (Fox) | Shelby (played by Tony winner Idina Menzel) is back, dropping the jaws of (in order) Mr. Schue, Quinn, Puck, and Rachel. Among the episode’s highlights: A dance workshop led by Mike; school musical auditions; Brittany’s class president campaign posters for Kurt; one of those Lea Michele/Menzel duets; a Puck/Beth scene that’ll make the femmes melt; and Sue chiding Quinn’s “thin, forgettable alto” — and I’m only halfway through the episode.

8 pm NCIS (CBS) | Ziva and Tony get down and dirty — and McGee even joins in! — when they must sort through garbage to solve the murder of a Marine.

8 pm 90210 (The CW) | Naomi’s goal to be the queen of sorority life at CU becomes closer to reality when she hatches a new scheme.

9 pm NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) | Finally, we find out who Bridget Regan (Legend of the Seeker) is guest-starring as.

9 pm Ringer (The CW) | Last week featured Bridget doing a simply horrendous job of hiding her attacker’s body, a bit of cat-and-mouse with Agent Machado, flashbacks to Bridget’s boozy days, and a sweet Bridget/Juliet bonding moment that did not go unnoticed by Andrew. Oh, and no boating scenes. My question: Do you think the Dexter chick is already bedding Andrew or merely wants to?

9 pm Dancing With the Stars results show (ABC) | Since there are some things that just can’t be unseen – I for one when scrambling for an eye wash station – will America be once bitten, once shy and dis-Grace itself?

9 pm New Girl (Fox) | AKA the freshman comedy that not only held onto Glee‘s audience but built on it. For those who missed this TVLine story and this TVLine story, here is the episode that explains how Damon Wayans Jr. will return to ABC’s Happy Endings and how Coach’s space in the loft will be filled.

9:30 pm Raising Hope (Fox) | Sabrina introduces the Chance clan to her father (NewsRadio‘s Stephen Root).

10 pm Parenthood (NBC) | Sarah labors to stay a part of independent Amber’s life, Zeek gives Drew relationship advice, Kristina questions Adam’s business venture, and Alex gets good news (the FNL movie is a go?)

10 pm Sons of Anarchy (FX) | SAMCRO aims to set up a new business venture (what, coffee beans a la Sonny Corinthos?), while Gemma finds a new ally in Charming.

10 pm Body of Proof (ABC) | When a tycoon’s trophy wife gets shot dead during a hunting trip, Jay Karnes (The Shield) and Jessica Tuck (True Blood) emerge as the primary suspects. Well, the characters they play do, but that’s semantics.

10 pm Unforgettable (CBS) | A young boy’s witnessing of a murder reminds Carrie of The Client her own personal tragedy. (As the World Turns fans meanwhile can keep an eye out for guest star Annie Parisse.)

11 pm Awkward (MTV) | Season finale: What, already? Read Vlada Gelman’s preview piece and see how you can maybe help the show get “bigger” for Season 2.

Coming up on Wednesday: ABC’s Suburgatory makes its debut, Happy Endings returns for Season 2. 

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