Body of Proof Cast Answers Your Questions!

Has Dana Delany stayed green? Who turned acetylsalicylic into a four-letter word? And does Jeri Ryan wear her “nerd” badge proudly? During my recent visit with several stars of ABC’s Body of Proof (airing Tuesdays at 10/9c), I invited them to answer questions supplied by you, the show’s fans. Here’s what I came away with.

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Q: Dana, after your [spring 2010] car accident, did you go green and buy another Prius? Also, how are your fingers from the accident?
A: “I loved my Prius but I thought it was time for a little gift to myself, so I have an Audi now,” Delany reports with a smile. “It’s a safe car, and a speedy little car. As for my fingers, they are pretty much healed, actually – they’re good!”

Q: Will anything flirty or romantic happen between Peter (played by Nicholas Bishop) and Megan this season?
A: “I think there’ll always be some flirtation and an attraction,” says Delany, “but it’s always a bad idea when it’s [acted upon] at work, as we’ve seen with Megan’s ex-husband.”

Q: Jeri Ryan, you are a person who considers herself a nerd. How is to work in a series about science?
A: “I love it!” raves Kate Murphey’s portrayer. “That’s my favorite part of the show, the science and guts. I mean, I was dissecting a lung the other day and it was so much fun. I felt like a zombie, like, ‘More brainsssss!'”

Q: Is it Jeri Ryan’s goal to get the entire cast on Twitter? She has recruited quite a few!
A: “I’m trying!” Ryan says with a laugh, “but there are some hard sells. Dana held out for a long time, but she finally did and now she’s addicted. I’m still working on Windell — he’s resistant, but I think he’ll cave. But Nick’s a harder case. He and Geoffrey [Arend, who plays Ethan] are going to be tough nuts to crack. They’ve made it their personal quest not to do it, just because I’m obsessed with it.”

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Q: John Carroll Lynch’s (aka Det. Bud Morris) videos from the set are always good-humored. Are things always like that backstage?
A: “Absolutely,” Lynch confirms. “The vibe on the set is great, the crew is terrific and they really play along.” Shedding light on the nature of the videos in question, Lynch explains, “I’ve been going around asking people on the crew inappropriately who their favorite actor on the show is, and everybody’s playing along great. For example, Lisa, the 2nd assistant, will go, ‘I’ve got to say Dana,’ and I’m like, ‘Nope, nope that’s not it. Keep trying.’ And actually we just did one where Nick [Bishop] posed questions that people on Twitter were asking…. It’s fun.”

Q: What has been the hardest medical term to pronounce?
A: For Windell D. Middlebrooks (who plays medical examiner Curtis), a recent tongue-twister was acetylsalicylic acid (aka aspirin). “It became acetylsalis**t a lot of times during those takes,” he admits with a big laugh. Delany, meanwhile, had just grappled with the term pheochromocytoma. Which means…? “Who knows!” she shrugs. “Something with a nucleus that has a tumor on it?”

Q: What has been the funniest behind-the-scenes moment since you started filming Season 1?
A: Middlebrooks credits a recent preponderance of sugary snacks on the set with prompting scene partner Arend to ascend the beams of the set. “We ended up with a little monkey climbing all over the set while I’m about to pee on myself,” says Middlebrooks. “The boy don’t weigh but a peanut shell, so he was damn near the roof!” Arend in turn says that during a location shoot in Providence, Rhode Island, he and Middlebrooks hit a Dave & Busters arcade, where the latter lucked out to amass hundreds of prize tickets with one quarter. After Middlebrooks gifted his windfall to a lucky nearby tyke, “He made me play games,” says Arend, “and when I got a lot of tickets, he was like, ‘Now you go do it.'”

Q: Who has the cleanest trailer?
A: “The cleanest could be mine,” says Nicholas Bishop. “I’m pretty tidy, as weird as that may seem.” But if you were to inquire about the best decorated trailer, Bishop gives that honor to Middlebrooks.

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Q: If you could pick anyone to guest star on Body of Proof, who would it be?
A: “We’ve already done the wife thing, which was great,” Arend says, referring to the set of twins played by his real-life Mrs, Mad Men‘s Christina Hendrick. “But I’d love Gary Oldman. He’d bring a crazy intensity to things.” The Australian Bishop, meanwhile, throws his vote to Juliette Binoche (The English Patient). “I’m a big fan of French cinema, and I just think that she’s extraordinary.” And not too hard to look at, either. “She’s like my pin-up lady,” he winks.