Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Dexter, Fringe, Sons of Anarchy, Grey's, Chuck and More!

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Question: Do you have any light to shed on the Glee situation in coming weeks? —Becks
Ausiello: Here’s the sitch: The word around McKinley is that next week’s episode, “Asian F,” is destined to be inducted into the Glee Hall of Fame, right alongside such celebrated installments as Season 1’s “Wheels” and Season 2’s “Grilled Cheesus.” The Ian Brennan-penned hour centers on the long-simmering rivalry between Rachel and Mercedes (they’re competing for the lead in West Side Story), marks the arrival of Mike’s parents, and features music from Fame, Dreamgirls and (wait for it) Coldplay. Stay close to my Twitter feed Wednesday for more details on the episode.

Question: The Grey’s Anatomy premiere was heartbreaking. Do you have any scoop, please? —Jessica
Ausiello: Cristina may have terminated her pregnancy, but that storyline is far from over. Owen still has some major unresolved feelings about the whole ordeal. Basically, he’s still pissed. Like really pissed. Like using-his-fists-on-people pissed. Thankfully, Derek convinces him to channel his anger into something positive, like helping him build the deck on his and Mer’s McDream home.

Question: Any scoop on the return of Jason George to Grey’s Anatomy? —Claire
Ausiello: Look for tempers to flare between Dr. Ben and Bailey’s current beau, Nurse Eli, over a botched epidural. (Derek is forced to intervene before the two come to blows.) Imagine the fireworks when Ben finds out Eli’s shagging his ex! In related news, Chandra Wilson must be loving this.

Question: I totally loved the Fringe premiere. Will the brief flashes of Peter Bishop in the background continue? —Justin
Ausiello: My eyes aren’t so good as I get on in the years, but I don’t recall seeing Peter flickering around in Episode 2. But he does make his presence known in a different, rather maddening way. Also, dare I tease, you might even hear Astrid make reference to him in front of Olivia.

Question: I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but I think the abundance of Seth Gabel in Friday’s Fringe premiere almost (almost) made up for the lack of Joshua Jackson. I fell in love with badass Lincoln Lee last season and while I do adore his nerdy doppelganger, will we be seeing the alt version sometime soon? —Megan
Ausiello: I forwarded your query to exec producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman, and they responded with an unequivocal, “Yes!” Wait, there’s more! “We all love Lincoln, and both versions of him,” the duo added. “They both will be important elements this season.” Beginning with this week’s episode!

Question: May I have some Fringe spoilers, please? —Natali
Ausiello: In this new reality, where Peter doesn’t (quite) exist, someone who was dead no longer is.

Question: Do you have any scoop on Breaking Bad and what’s going to happen with Jesse. —Morgan
Ausiello: The good news: The whacky tobaccy that’s been burning a whole in his pocket for much of the season is finally put to use. The bad news: It doesn’t reach its intended target.

Question: Any Good Wife scoop? —Audrey
Ausiello: I hear the show just wrapped production on a big Cary episode — big as in my buddy Matt Czuchry is in practically every scene.

Question: I’ll take whatever scoop you’ve got on Castle. —Ivy
Ausiello: At the time TVLine’s Matt Mitovich visited the Castle set this month, they were shooting the Halloweentime episode in which a “ghostbuster” is murdered while inside an empty, locked haunted house. So, who’s a believer and who isn’t? “Castle believes that a ghost is behind the murder, Beckett doesn’t,” Stana Katic told us. However, she was clear to point out, “That doesn’t necessarily mean that Beckett doesn’t believe in the supernatural, which I thought is kind of cool.”

Question: Anything you can tease about Hart of Dixie? —Claudia
Ausiello: Lemon (Jaime King) is going to basically forbid George (Scott Porter) from spending any more time with Zoe (Rachel Bilson). How does he respond? “George does the exact opposite,” previews Porter. “And not out of spite, but because it’s what he feels is right. Someone’s got to help her because the town turns on her very quickly, and George won’t stand for it. He’s squarely in the middle of Zoe and Lemon. And he might be viewed in the town as a bad guy even though what he’s doing is right.”

Question: Dexter returns in less than a week! I think you know where I’m going with this, Aus… —Amber
Ausiello: Either you want me to loan you my DVD of the first three episodes or… you want scoop. I’m guessing it’s the latter. A pivotal character finds out about Dexter’s secret blood sample stash in Episode 2. Also, after watching the first three episodes, I now understand why Jennifer Carpenter was so excited about this season. There’s a lot happening for Deb, both personally (a *r******!) and professionally (a *r***t**n). And Carpenter is really delivering the goods.

Question: Do you have any scoop on Dexter for the drooling masses? —Kevin
Ausiello: One of the most buzzworthy moments of the aforementioned Oct. 2 premiere occurs before the episode even begins. The opener is preceded by a roughly four-minute recap of the show’s first five seasons. Almost every major storyline and character is revisited in the mini-retrospective, with the exception of Rita. While her name is dropped a few times, we never actually see Julie Benz — and the omission is glaring. Think about it: How do you adequately summarize all that is and was Dexter without showing things like his marriage to Rita, the birth of his son and, most importantly, the death of Rita at the hands of Trinity! (The clipfest does show Dexter entering the blood-soaked bathroom, but we only see him take Harrison into his arms; Rita’s lifeless body is MIA.) Faster than you can say “Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout Willis,” I snooped around and found out that since Benz is no longer on the show, Showtime (which declined to comment) would’ve needed Benz’ permission before using footage of Rita — a request Benz’s camp claims was never made. “Julie was not asked to be a part of the recap,” her rep tells TVLine, “but would have happily participated had Showtime reached out.” Odd.

Question: I was wondering if you have any spoilers on Psych! —Lydia
Ausiello: The Oct. 12 season premiere opens with Shawn in full-on James Bond mode (right down to the tuxedo), and later finds Gus trading harsh words (and almost a beat-down) with his worst enemy — a pre-teen lad who prefers the newer Star Wars trilogy! Also, that lie detector scene we shared with you over the summer? Don’t asssume that Shawn is the first person Lassiter hooks it up to with “interesting” results.

Question: Loving the new season of Parenthood and especially Sarah and Mr. Cyr! Please give me some scoop and tell me he will be around for a long time! —Stephanie
Ausiello: I can tell you that Jason Ritter will be sticking around at least through December — and very possibly into the new year. His participation beyond that largely depends on how quickly the drama series he’s developing with Parenthood boss (and newly-minted Emmy winner!) Jason Katims takes shape. In other Parenthood news, Joel and Julia’s road to adoption will hit another speed bump when the opportunistic husband of their prospective surrogate Zoe arrives on the scene demanding a piece of the action (read: money). Also, look for Crosby and Jasmine to have “the talk” with Jabbar. No, not that talk. Sheesh, the kid is, like, 10. I’m referring to the “we’re never getting married” talk.

Question: Was Ashton Kutcher really naked during the premiere of Two and a Half Men? My mom and I have a bet and I really think I’m right (that he wasn’t completely naked). If anyone knows the truth or can find out the truth, it’s you! —Kendra
Ausiello: I hope you bet the farm, because you’re hunch was right — Ashton’s little kutcher was not on display.

Question: I’m wondering if there’s anything you can tell us about the new Showtime series Homeland. I just watched the pilot and I think its the best new show I’ve seen in a while. –Charley
Ausiello: You have very good taste, Charley. I’m three episodes in and it’s by far my favorite new drama of the fall. It mixes the thrilling conspiracy-fueled intrigue of 24 with the methodically paced suspense of The Killing. And the performances are stunning. Claire Danes is sensational as a mentally unstable CIA agent — a character I’m pretty sure will turn out to be the love child of Jack Bauer and Nurse Jackie. The real revelation, however, is V‘s Morena Baccarin as the deeply conflicted wife of a suspected terrorist (played by the also fantastic Damian Lewis). It’s hard to believe this is the same actress who last season devoured a 14-inch white rat.

Question: Wondering if you have any scoop on David Boreanaz’ ominous tweets about Bones? —Sara
Ausiello: You mean the one about another character dying? That was much ado about nothing. The little troublemaker was merely referring to the victim of the week in Episode 6. All main castmembers remain present and accounted for. (And no, the show hasn’t been canceled.)

Question: Got any scoop on Sons of Anarchy? —Paulina
Ausiello: That whoreslutwench that Jax cheated on Tara with returns next month to wreak havoc on another already-vulnerable couple. And in equally disturbing news, Clay orders a hit on a major (and much beloved) character.

Question: Do you have anything juicy on the Secret Circle? —Monica
Ausiello: The Grim Reaper is coming!

Question: Alright this is my first time actually asking for a scoop even though I’ve been reading your scoops for a long time and I can’t get enough of them so I would like to ask for a scoop on Chuck because I just watched the Season 5 promo and I’m going crazy especially with the ending where they say he’s important and that’s why he needs to fail. Do you have anything for me? —Kayla
Ausiello: Aside from a Xanax and a Chardonnay smoothie? Um, let’s see… we’re going to meet Sarah’s former handler this season, and here’s what I can tell you about him: He’s in his early 40s, stoic, and answers to the name Ryker. Speaking of Sarah, did you see this?

Question: I’ll admit that I’m close to giving up. I asked for something on The Mentalist every week this summer and haven’t even been rewarded with one generic scoop. However, for now I persevere: Do you have anything on The Mentalist? —Jeff
Ausiello: I finally do, Jeff. And here it is. Thanks for your patience!

Question: Got any scoop about final season of One Tree Hill? —Sergey
Ausiello: Is it out there that Chase is arrested for beating up [spoiler]? Can someone Google it and let me know?

Question: Obsessed with Community. Anything new on the Greendale front? —Jasper
Ausiello: Did we know that Jeff and Shirley were childhood Foosball rivals? Because the show is casting teenage versions of Joel McHale and Yvette Nicole Brown for a flashback or fantasy sequence in which a young Shirley crushes Jeff at table football.

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