Premiere In Review: Did Good Wife Alicia Do a Bad, Bad Thing?

What a tease.

For weeks leading up to the Season 3 premiere of The Good Wife, CBS has trickled out promos and clips that cleverly carved around the “About last night…” conversation that Will and Alicia have in the latter’s shiny new office. And now we know why.

The season opener, of course, took its time getting to that scene. First, we had to set up the case of the week, one in which the fatal stabbing of a Jewish student on a college campus did (or did not) figure into an interfaith rally, and which was (or was not) a hate crime. The case set up the first showdown between Peter(‘s State’s Attorney’s office) and Alicia(‘s law firm) since the separation, including a moment where she scoffed at his claim to know how her mind works. Later, though, she in fact got schooled by her estranged spouse. Peter 1, Alicia 0.

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The same case also very quickly folded in Eli’s brand-new (as in 24-hours-old!) Lockhart Gardner business, since the same client who recruited the firm to defend a wrongfully accused Muslim student also wanted Eli — who, yes, is Jewish — to use his “crisis management” skills to conjure up a pro-Muslim PR campaign. That development irked guest star Peter Jacobson (House), who accused Eli of betraying the “brotherhood” — but in the end, Eli craftily leveraged the Arab client’s (rescinded) piece of business into even bigger bucks from the Jewish alliance.

No, we’re not at Alicia/Will just yet. The premiere also packed in some delicious interplay between Kalinda and Sophia, and Cary, hinting at merely what might have been, had Kelli Giddish not been grabbed by SVU. We also had some teeny-tiny C-story about Grace’s new tutor, who at first came off as the most socially awkward, semi-androgynous lass, but later revealed a slightly “cool” (?) side when she (I don’t know what the kids call it) “flash-mobbed” with some soccer plays on the El. (“Sometimes different is better,” Grace defended the tutor to Alicia.) Not quite sure where this one is going.

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And now, turning from kiddie fare to veddy adult subject matter. It appeared to us and observer Eli that Alicia and Will’s “About last night…” convorsation — especially when coupled with Will’s “complaint” to Diane about Alicia treating them as “peers” — turned into some sort of break-up. Au contraire. They were just snowing us. And that snow instantly melted once we saw what they were really up to behind closed doors — and I don’t think our language filters will allow me to quite detail it. Let’s just say that it involved much word play about Will being too (ahem) hard on Alicia (as Diane had suggested) and the words, “Don’t move…. Don’t move” — culminating an act I am not quite sure we have seen so vividly depicted on TV before. Definitely rivaled what Peter and Alicia did in the bathroom a year ago, yes?

But is “that” enough? The hour closed with Alicia handing the kids off to Peter, then primping for a playdate with Will. But as she looked in the mirror to check herself and her freshly redded lips, she seemed to not like what she saw. Is she a good wife after all?

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What did you think of The Good Wife‘s season opener? Worth the wait? Did you worry that the “About last night…” conversation was going to be some, like, season-long mystery? And how wowza does Kelli Giddish look on this show? I mean, she looks terrif on SVU, but Sophia Russo… no words.

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