Project Runway: Two and a Half Menswear Outfits

Please tell me I’m not the only person who absolutely dreads Project Runway‘s once-a-season foray into the world of menswear. I mean, seriously, if I wanted to see basic jeans and Western-cut shirts, I could make a quick stroll to Target or The Gap or probably even BJ’s Wholesale Club. Yes, yes, Heidi Klum & Co. put Adam Lambert in the guest-judging chair to ratchet up the glitz and glam, but I was only moderately impressed by two — okay, maybe two and a half — looks among the eight outfits that came down the runway. I agreed with Heidi that Viktor’s braided pleather jacket looked like it cost $2,000, and while Joshua’s overall look was overbaked, his pants and tank were exquisitely made, and pretty sexy. (As for the half-outfit, I’d probably have worn Bert’s purple pinstripe pants back in a younger, more ridiculous period of my life.)

One of the biggest problems with this week’s challenge — to create signature looks for the four members of the Sheepdogs — winner of a Rolling Stone magazine contest to discover the country’s best unsigned act — was that each designer had a pre-sketching consult with the band member he or she was dressing. Oliver of the Faux Accent hasn’t uttered a single common-sense phrase all season, but I had to agree with his assessment that if the entire point was designing the kind of clothes The Sheepdogs would already wear, then why bother with the exercise in the first place? In other words, with the parameters clearly demanding the contestants each keep a leg firmly swathed in bell-bottoms, fringe, and possibly clogs.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time rehashing what we never should’ve seen in the first place, but gosh darnit this week’s Bottom 3 designs were disastrous. I appreciated Anya admitting everything from her design to her fabric to her execution were catastrophic: I swear I wrote “Pocahontas” and “lobster bib” in my notes before Nina and Michael referenced ’em. Still, I’m glad both Anya and Kimberly were spared — not just because neither had ever before sewn menswear, and not just because both of them have shown more promise all season long than Olivier. Nope, the guy who is only comfortable designing for skinny, bloodless, headless, brainless mannequins absolutely whiffed it dressing The Sheepdogs’ lead singer in a swan-print top that shouldn’t have been used for your great aunt’s throw pillow, let alone a rock-band frontman’s shirt. Oh, and those horrible white slacks just put the exclamation point after the word drab.

Farewell, Olivier! Any parting words? “I don’t think I deserve to go at this point.” Correct! You should’ve gotten the boot back in Week 2 when you won for that hideous dog-bed blouse!

Anyone else psyched to see Olivier finally get auf’d? Who else wanted to strangle him for repeatedly showing distaste for the size of his perfectly attractive client? Did you agree with Viktor’s win and this week’s Bottom 3? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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