Fall TV Preview

The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Thursday

Hitting your TV screen this week are no less than 60 season and series premieres, so for now we’re going daily with The TVLine-Up. (For those who must plan ahead, here is our complete Fall TV premieres calendar, plus I summarize what’s coming up the following day.)

But for now, here’s what’s happening on….

8 pm The Big Bang Theory (CBS) | Has Penny slept with one geek too many? And how’s that long-distance California-New Delhi relationship working for ya, Leonard?

8 pm Community (NBC) | There’s a coupla new sheriffs in town. One looks like Dan Conner, the other like Omar Little.

8 pm Charlie’s Angels (ABC) | Worth watching only if you were born before Jedi and are curious to see how it measures up (…or not) to the original series and/or the movies. Plus, for reasons unsaid, we need this to stick around at least another three weeks or so.

8 pm The Vampire Diaries (The CW) | As Damon gets into a tussle with an unexpected enemy, Klaus hits a snag using Simon Camden to supercharge his powers.

Parks and Rec Preview: Leslie’s Dilemma, The Tammys Drink to Ron’s Fate, and a Huge Reveal

8:30 pm Parks and Recreation (NBC) | Leslie has a choice to make – or will Ben help make it for her? Plus: Andy gets a new job, Anne becomes very popular, and Ron’s facial hair is alllll over the place.

9 pm Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) | Once this two-hour premiere is over, will Meredith have lost A) her job, B) her husband and/or C) baby Zola? You only think you know the answer.

9 pm Person of Interest (CBS) | Michael Emerson is a rich and mysterious chap who gets from a “machine” the Social Security number of someone about to be involved in a crime. Jim Caviezel is a former CIA op recruited to try to save the assorted days, while Taraji P. Henson is a NYPD detective vexed by Caviezel as well as her slighted presence in promo materials. (Read my full Fall TV First Impression here.)

Fall TV Mystery Solved! Person of Interest Will Explain How Its Crime-Predicting Gizmo Works

9 pm The Office (NBC) | Welcome to the Robert California, as James Spader joins up as the new CEO. But who’s the new Scranton boss, you ask for the 7,000th time since spring 2010? Tune in, find out.

9 pm The Secret Circle (The CW) | Diana tries her best to keep the circle’s aggregate power in check, but Resident Bad Girl Faye is having none of that.

10 pm The Mentalist (CBS) | Did Jane actually kill Red John? Or was a certain former White House Deputy Chief of Staff merely in the wrong place at the wrong time?

10 pm Prime Suspect (NBC) | In this adaptation of the acclaimed, Helen Mirren-fronted UK series, Maria Bello plays an NYPD police detective who in the pilot struggles to get respect in a male-dominated precinct — but that whole “gender war” thing apparently is being ditched moving forward. It’s worth a look, if her omnipresent fedora doesn’t make your teeth itch.

10 pm It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) | The gang’s trip to the Jersey Shore proves to be even more disgusting than the MTV version and its denizens. (No, it is possible.) P.S. Do not go under the boardwalk.

10:30 pm Archer (FX) | In Part 2 of the animated com’s three-week burst, Archer lords over his tropical retreat while his colleagues grow less and less interested in finding him.

Coming up on Friday: Kitchen Nightmares, Nikita, A Gifted Man (CBS)… CSI: NY, Fringe, Supernatural, Dateline… Blue Bloods.

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